Flashpoint Guide: The Colicoid War Game in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Flashpoint Guide: The Colicoid War Game

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When you reach levels 37 to 41, you can take part in one of the most unique Flashpoints in the game called The Colicoid War Game. It’s not like any of the others because there is only one classic Boss fight at the end. However, you will go though three challenges to complete the instance and both the Empire and the Republic factions have access to this Flashpoint.

First Challenge: The Colicoid Attack Waves

During the first challenge, you’ll fight a large group of Colicoid warriors that will run towards you all at once. Your goal is to kill off the warriors as quickly as possible without taking on too much damage. The best defense may be to mount turrets, face the enemy and burn them down.

The order you take them out could mean the difference between winning and losing the battle. For this reason, you may get killed off a couple times before you learn the right order so be prepared.

The medium sized warriors should be taken out first because they are ranged. These Colicoids are the ones that look like a droid. The large ones are melee Colicoids and should be taken out next followed by the small ones.

After killing off the first wave of warriors, you’ll need to get ready for the second wave. These will be even bigger and stronger than the first wave but you can still follow the same plan to take them down. Once you complete wave two, you can move on the second challenge.

Second Challenge: Complete the Hazard Course

The second challenge is also a very unique one and it involves solving two separate puzzles on different platforms while avoiding the Hazard Droids and mobs. The Hazard Droids are responsible for the fire that spews out in front of you, so you need to take them out fast. They will re-spawn every two minutes so be ready for them. In the meantime, you need to watch out for the mobs because they are strong enough to knock you off the platforms but you can knock them off, too.

After killing the Hazard Droid, go to the starting area and kill the droid at the first console on the left. Have someone stand there and operate the console to make the wall on the opposite side of the room drop revealing the next droid.

At this point, the tank needs to pull the droid and the rest of the team needs to have their backs to wall near the console. Kill the droid and have another member of your team operate that console to lower the next wall. Repeat the process two more times until all four walls have dropped.

After the tank gains control of the fourth console, the person at the first one should run quickly to the fifth console at the back. The tank can then disengage and run to the Masterswitch, revealing the elevator and ending round one.

Instead of getting harder to beat the Droids, it will get easier each time you activate a console so don’t worry about your team members not being beside the tank at all times. He should be able to handle the last two by himself.

Now, it’s time for wave two. Hop on the elevator and head to the next platform where you’ll encounter two very large droids. You don’t want to pull them both at the same time so move to the left as the tank pulls one. Kill them and begin to solve the puzzle.

Solving this puzzle is much the same as the first but you’ll need to activate the terminal in this order. Go to the far left, then far right, the far left again and then the last one is next to the second terminal. The walkways on this platform are narrower than they were on the first one so be careful not to be pushed off. Collect you loot and the second challenge is complete.

Third Challenge: Boss Annihilator 6K-A2

Right before you encounter the last boss, you’ll have to make the familiar decision of whether to kill the enemy or let them live. Killing gives you +100 dark side points and letting them live gives you +100 light side points. You’ll find this option when you reach the “Use the Registration Computer” part of the instance.

The third challenge is similar to the normal boss fight but before you can fight him, you must face three Arena Beasts. Once you kill the last one, the Annihilator 6K-A2 will appear. He is a large droid with an AoE attack that is easy to avoid. Just move around a lot and stay out of the red circles on the ground to avoid being burned. As long as you do that, this tank and spank fight should be pretty easy to beat.

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic

FAQ for Flashpoint Guide: The Colicoid War Game in Star Wars: The Old Republic

What is The Colicoid War Game?

The Colicoid War Game is a mid-level Flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) where players participate in a series of deadly tests orchestrated by the Colicoids, an insectoid species. The Flashpoint features a mix of combat, puzzles, and vehicle segments, offering a unique challenge.

What level is required to access The Colicoid War Game?

The Colicoid War Game is designed for players around level 40-45. It can be accessed through the Group Finder, which scales the difficulty to match your level, or directly from the mission terminal.

How do I start The Colicoid War Game Flashpoint?

To start The Colicoid War Game:

  1. Group Finder: Use the Group Finder tool (default key “P”) to queue for The Colicoid War Game.
  2. Mission Terminal: Pick up the mission from the Flashpoint terminal located on your faction’s fleet.
  3. Direct Entry: Travel to the entrance on the planet Balmorra via your ship’s galaxy map.

What are the main objectives in The Colicoid War Game?

The primary objectives include:

  1. Combat Trials: Survive waves of enemies in arena-style combat.
  2. Puzzle Segments: Solve puzzles to progress through the Flashpoint.
  3. Vehicle Combat: Use turrets and other vehicles to defeat large groups of enemies.
  4. Final Confrontation: Face the Colicoid leaders and complete the trials.

Who are the key bosses in The Colicoid War Game?

The Colicoid War Game features several key encounters:

  1. Combat Trials: Multiple waves of Colicoid warriors and droids.
  2. Puzzle Segments: Requires solving environmental puzzles to proceed.
  3. Vehicle Combat: Use turrets to destroy waves of Colicoids.
  4. Colicoid Overlords: The final bosses who require coordinated group tactics to defeat.

What strategies should be used for the key encounters in The Colicoid War Game?

  1. Combat Trials:
    • Focus fire on one target at a time to reduce incoming damage.
    • Use crowd control abilities to manage large groups of enemies.
  2. Puzzle Segments:
    • Communicate with your group to solve puzzles efficiently.
    • Pay attention to environmental cues and mechanics.
  3. Vehicle Combat:
    • Coordinate turret usage to maximize damage output.
    • Stay aware of enemy positions and movements to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  4. Colicoid Overlords:
    • Interrupt their special abilities to minimize damage.
    • Spread out to avoid group-wide damage from their attacks.
    • Use defensive cooldowns and healing abilities effectively.

Are there any special mechanics to be aware of?

  • Turret Mechanics: Certain segments require players to use turrets to fend off waves of enemies. Coordination is key to using these effectively.
  • Environmental Hazards: The Flashpoint contains various traps and hazards that can deal significant damage if not avoided.
  • Puzzle Mechanics: Some puzzles require quick thinking and teamwork to solve, impacting your ability to progress.

What are the rewards for completing The Colicoid War Game?

Completing this Flashpoint rewards players with:

  • Experience points.
  • Credits.
  • Gear appropriate to your level.
  • Daily and weekly commendations if completed through the Group Finder.

How can I prepare for The Colicoid War Game?

  • Gear Up: Ensure your gear is up to date for your level and role.
  • Medpacs and Stims: Carry medpacs and stims to boost performance in combat.
  • Group Coordination: Communicate with your group to effectively manage combat and puzzle mechanics.

Are there any achievements associated with The Colicoid War Game?

Yes, completing The Colicoid War Game can earn you several achievements, including:

  • Colicoid Conqueror: For defeating all the bosses.
  • Colicoid Hero: For completing the Flashpoint multiple times.
  • Speed Run: For completing the Flashpoint within a certain time limit.

By following this guide and utilizing the mentioned resources, you can effectively navigate and conquer The Colicoid War Game, ensuring a successful mission and valuable rewards. May the Force be with you!


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