13 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lightsabers


How can you be a Star Wars fan without loving the iconic lightsaber? They are as much a part of the Star Wars story as Darth Vader and Luke and Leia. Yet there is so much we don’t really know about lightsabers. There is so much to the story of how they came to be and what role they played in the Star Wars universe. I remember when I was new to SWTOR in the very beginning and my favorite part of the game was the quest to make your very own lightsaber. I loved it because of how it reminded me of Star Wars lore. It was magical and mystical and everything I imagined it would be like to craft your very own lightsaber.

So while we’re exploring the topic, here is a very interesting article. Also remember to check out our in depth articles on Light sabers from a while back

Here we have 13 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lightsabers:

Some of the highlights:

3) They used to be called lazerswords.

Not in the Star Wars universe, just in George Lucas’ earliest drafts of the Star Wars script. “Lightsabers” is very definitely an improvement.

5) A lightsaber can be any color.

A lightsaber blade’s color is determined by the crystal it uses to focus the energy, Jedi and Sith alike could and did wield any color blade. The Sith got in the habit of using red after popular Darths Revan and Malax both used red lightsabers; Jedi fell into the habit of exclusively using blue and green when they started using the natural crystals of the planet Ilum to make their blades, where green and blue were the only naturally occurring colors.

8) Lightsabers were actually illegal during the Empire.

It wasn’t enough that Emperor Palpatine tried to kill all the Jedi, he made owning a lightsaber a crime, as well as forbidding the trade of the crystals needed to make lightsabers across the galaxy, no matter what planet they grew on. Darth Vader has special dispensation to wield his lightsaber.

Read the full piece to see the rest of the 13 things and let us know if you knew all of these already.


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