SWTOUR PvP Impressions

The SWTOUR PvP news broke yesterday and there are so many great, exciting stories that it’s hard to know where to begin. Here’s a recap of the top breaking stories that came out today about the PvP experience from SWTOUR.

Mos Eisley Radio
New article posted by Evan Lewis on the site. He discusses his PvP experience while at SWTOUR.
Evan says himself, “As I have stated many times over, I am NOT a PvP kinda guy. At least, I wasn’t.”
His write-up gives a good comparison of PvP in World of Warcraft and SW:TOR. He goes on to say:
“Now, while I can’t comment on the world-PvP aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic, I can certainly say that the organized PvP portions, the Warzones, are such an improvement over what has been featured in previous games that I am now a PvP fan.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Hands-On PvP Preview
Where would we be without a preview from MMORPG.com? Their intro really says it all: “Let’s get something out of the way real quick: PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic is awesome.”
They go on to describe their PVP experience in full detail, also addressing the issue of tanks in PvP. BioWare is also looking to address the issue of crowd control in PvP situations and this is also mentioned in the MMORPG write-up.

Some great spoilers from this recap: players will earn experience points from PvP as well as credits and tokens for PvP gear and consumables that are created just for PvP. There will also be a ranking system that will help determine the matchmaking in Warzones.

The Jedi Consular: PvP Impressions
TORWars brings us a great write-up about the Counsular in PvP. She was specced as a ranged DPS with limited melee and a self-heal (out of combat only). The skill trees were unavailable to players at the Fan Site Summit but certain conclusions and deductions could be made by the players, as described in the TORWars review.

Impressions included:
“The Consular I played was very distinct from the Imperial Agent or the Smuggler, in there are no skills that require positions (e.g., from behind) or that my character utilized cover, etc. It’s also different from the Bounty Hunter or Trooper, who were very mobile, blasting away while on the move.”

Corellian Run Radio
CRR brings us a great video interview with Georg Zoeller that is absolutely a must-see. Questions answered include, “When will we be seeing all the skill trees and Advanced Class roles?” and points regarding crowd control in PvP and how different player specs will affect the PvP experience.

TORTalkPodcast with Tom Powers
Check out Tom’s PvP Experience! TOR-Talk exemplifies what playing PvP was like at the Fan Site Summit and you can see (hear) the experience for yourself with their exciting Podcast. Tom explains, “This article exemplifies my experience with playing the Trooper Vanguard. My next PvP Segment will be on my experience with the Imperial Agent Operative.”

Darth Hater
Darth Hater brings us a great interview PVP With SWTOR’s Gabe Amatangelo. Here’s a sampling of that interview:

Gabe Amatangelo: I want to touch on open world PvP. We’re going to have PvP servers, and on the PvE servers there will be designated PvP areas. On a PvE server, you aren’t going to flag unless you want to flag yourself, or unless you go into a designated PvP area that is going to be completely isolated from quests and story lines and that kind of stuff. Now, we’re not talking about the goals inside those areas today, but we are saying that it is there. People can go and fight each other there.

Ask A Jedi
Ask a Jedi brings us a great recap of what we know about PvP in SWTOR so far, along with a list of other sites that have published recaps so far. Here were some other highlights from this write-up:

  • There will be PvP zones on PvE servers, apparently other than Warzones. No more detail was given.
  • There are some FPS influences like Badges that provide benefits and foster good play. Think “You’re Unstoppable!”
  • Similarly, there were “power-ups” available throughout the zone.

What do you think so far about the PvP released for SWTOR?