Daniel Erickson goes into detail about the number of Companions

Players have been asking a lot of questions about SWTOR companions, including how many we will be allowed to have per character. Recently Daniel Erickson, Lead Writer for SWTOR, shed some light on this situation on the official forums.
Erickson says, “There will be, at launch, five unique companion characters per class. Plus your resident butler/crafting/welcome home droid on the ship which is different per faction.”
In his post, Erickson goes on to explain how since you will get five unique companion characters per class, plus a resident butler droid on the ship, you will have over forty companions within the game that can have more than a dozen romances, intricate plotlines and hundreds of hours of development. The possibilities are endless to what your companions can do.
The storyline of SWTOR is really what makes or breaks the game so all of the staff have been very particular about avoiding spoilers. Erickson states that this is as specific as he can get without revealing spoilers but that it’s easy to see they will be deep and fun and that you can do a great deal with them.
He also adds an interesting hint:
“There is no limit to how many CCs you can possibly have in the long run and there is a reason you have far more slots than there are revealed CCs.”
This is really exciting news to me. I think this is a way that my game can continue playing for me, even when I am aware working or exploring other games. This sounds like an interesting and fun concept. What do you think about the info Erickson has revealed about companions?