Awesome Star Wars/Batman Mash-Ups From Draw2D2

Ah, the mash-up – that gloriously geeky medium that allows creative fans to show new levels of appreciation for multiple projects by marrying them together in genius combinations to create something all together more beautiful than the sum of its parts.
The new kings of this world are undoubtedly Draw2D2, a collective of artists who post a series of mash-ups every two weeks devoted to two “Geeky References”, and who definitely deserve more attention for their exploits.

So far the artists have mashed our beloved Star Wars up with Pirates of the Caribbean, and more recently Batman (a geek marriage made in Heaven), and the results have been uniformly exceptional. For me, the pick of the bunch, in terms of the Star Wars material is this retro-flavoured poster of R2D2 and C3PO as Batman and Robin swinging through the night sky, byAdam Carlson.

The word genius is bandied around a lot these days, but I think this Draw2D2 lot are as close to that hallowed position as is humanly possible. Keep it up!

by Adam Carlson

I have a feeling these guys are going to figure on my radar a lot as their project grows, because, let’s face it, you just don’t get much more geek-friendly than mashing up Star Wars and pretty much anything else. Let’s just hope their next Star Wars mash-up follows pretty swiftly.

Darth Joker by by Justin LaRocca Hansen
bat Boba by Plinio Pinto
By Andy Hunter
Think about the future by Ian Brauner
By Jason Welborn