SWTOR Game Update 5.2 Release Date and More

Eric Musco just informed the Star Wars : The old republic community, that Game update 5.2 will be launching on Tuesday, April 11th. More information will be released next week and forwarth


Hey folks,

Game Update 5.2 will be launching on Tuesday, April 11th. As we begin to get closer to that date we want to talk more about some of what you can expect in the update. Starting on Monday, here are some of the 5.2 topics we will begin talking about:

  • New Galaxy Map
  • PvP on Iokath
  • The Daily Area – What’s different and what’s the same
  • Access to Iokath – Who, When, How
  • Choosing a Faction on Iokath

We are also planning to do our 5.2 Twitch stream in the next couple of weeks. On that stream we will not only talk about 5.2, but show you some of it as well. Thanks everyone!