SWTOR Trooper Vanguard PVP Build

SWTOR Trooper Vanguard PVP Build To Help You In Warzones!

SWTOR Trooper Vanguard PVP Build
SWTOR Trooper Vanguard PVP Build

Today we have another build from www.swtorsavior.com and this will probably be one of the last ones until we update them all for the 1.2 patch. This build is for the Trooper Vanguard and this actual class makes for a good Tank/DPS player on the warzone.

The most effective way to play is to lure enemies to attack you taking the attention from the healers and the DPS and then ideally the heavy hitters will finish them off.

So for all intents and purposes this class makes a good support class on the warzones.

If you have no idea how your build should look then here is a level 10-50 build you can use:

SWTOR Trooper Vanguard PVP Build:

A couple of things to note with this build and how to use it:

You should use Storm to closer the distance between you and the enemy and then follow it with Shockstrike and Explosive Surge for all targets.

Another thing you can do is go all damage and just keep spamming Explosive Round, Sticky Grenade, High Impact Bolt in that order and you should take most people down.

As well as that make sure you use Stealth Scan as much as possible as stealth classes can be annoying on the battlefield and dangerous and you will take a lot of their power away with this.

For survivability you should use Smoke Grenade and Adrenaline Rush and you will stay in the fight for longer!

If you play a different class and are after builds for all playstyles such as fast leveling, PVP, raids etc… then you should check out www.swtorsavior.com

It is the top SWTOR guide and it also includes a leveling guide that should get you to level 50 well before the Patch 1.2 so you are all up to date with the best gear!