All Star Wars: Battelfront Outer Rim and Update bugs

With the new game update comes a lot of new bugs.  Below is a list of items the Dice team is looking into based on community feedback and reports they are seeing. The team is digging into all of these and Dice will be providing updates as they can.
Credits Not Being Rewarded:
(You’re still getting the credits, but this is a UX issue causing the score to show 0)

Rank 59-60 Crashing:
Our team is looking into these misc reports post the hotfix and 3/19 server update, please post your game tag in the thread linked if you;re still having this issue.

Kicked from servers when looking at friends profile:

Invincibility Bug:

Hutt Contract end game screen shows the same progress and never updates:

Deluxe Edition Content Locked:

Hutt Contract Challenge Progression Freezing or Resetting:

Hutt Contracts Completed and Weapons Are Not Unlocking:

Auto Balancing: |

Online friend avatars not displaying correctly:

Unable to use Jump packs while shields are active:

Leia Squad Shield (Trooper Bane not able to shot through the shield):

Hero Hunt – Dual Heroes on the same team

Can’t swap weapons when shield active:

When 900 years old you reach… Achievement:

Greedo Diorama Bug 7/9 unlocked

Trait Cards Not Selectable:

Aerial Combat no damage in strafing runs against enemy fighters:

Selecting Heroes on X1 Sometimes Leads to the Game Picking the Hero for the Player:

Can only rank up from Combat score:

Kills not being recorded:

Playlists not dropping players into matches:

Focus Fire Not Registering For Scattergun Contract:

UI Spelling Errors (Hutt Contracts):

The Collect Section Tab Shows Three:

Can’t choose a hero on the UI by moving the mouse over anymore (PC):