Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Server Update 1/11/18

Here are the Server Update notes for 01/11/2018.

While server updates rarely have any player facing content (and thus don’t require notes), this is a rare exception. With a Quality of Life update on the horizon, we wanted to herald this server release which happens to include a highly requested fix for guild leads and officers!


We’re working to fix the ticket counter offset issue!

Previously, Guild Activities completed by players were not being counted as progress for Daily Guild Bank coins produced in the “Manage” area. This caused confusion for Guild leaders and prompted alternate means of tracking Guild Activity.

Today we rolled out an interim fix that will allow players to update their ticket counter by doing the following:

  1. Complete a daily Guild Activity
  2. Navigate to the Guild Activities screen
  3. Then navigate to the Guild Management screen (you may need to wait up to 5 mins for refresh)
  4. Resulting in the correct updated information

Refreshes will not happen automatically. You can update it following the steps above.

While this is not the intended solution, we wanted to release something that would make this process a little easier on guild leaders and officers as a stopgap until we can architect the full solution.
After we launch our next Version Update, the ticket counter issue will correctly update for all guilds on the Guild Management screen!