Beta Patch notes: 0.742.27 ( Build Date: 2011.12.01)

BioWare just pushed out a new build for the SWTOR beta today. Here are the patch notes of what was changed. For the first time we are trying to include tooltips from Torhead. Please give us a heads up how it works for you as we are not sure if we should keep them yet.

Anyways.. Here are the latest patch notes:


  • Experience gains on Origin Worlds have been adjusted to help solo players reach level 10 more easily.
  • Improved the overall performance of vanity pets.
  • Using the /stuck command will no longer kill the player unless a safe location cannot be determined. Players can now only use /stuck every 120 seconds.
  • Moving to a new planet instance no longer uses the player’s Quick Travel cooldown.
Classes and Combat


  • Further improved and balanced all class content above level 30.
  • Slightly increased mouse targeting distance.
  • Implemented improvements that increase the responsiveness of combat actions.
  • Tab targeting now more accurately takes into account which enemies are on screen.
  • Tab targeting can now select enemies at a longer range.
  • Players can now use ground-targeted area of effect attacks in a 360 degree area around their character, regardless of what direction they are facing.
Jedi Knight


  • Healing done by Zen has been decreased to 1% per tick while Juyo Form is active.
Bug Fixes

  • Force critical bonuses conferred by Focused Resonance now display properly on the character sheet.



  • Healing done by Berserk has been decreased to 1% per tick while Juyo Form is active.
Bug Fixes

Jedi Consular

  • Force Potency now increases the range of Telekinetic Throw.
  • Each use of Telekinetic Throw now uses a charge of Force Potency.
  • Players are no longer able to cancel Force Lift’s debuff by right-clicking it.

  • Situational Awareness now reduces the Force cost of Whirling Blow and no longer reduces the cooldown of Cloud Mind.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Recklessness now increases the range of Force Lightning.
  • Each use of Force Lightning now uses a charge of Recklessness.
  • Players are no longer able to cancel Whirlwind’s debuff by right-clicking it.

  • Resourcefulness now reduces the Force cost of Lacerate and no longer reduces the cooldown of Cloud Mind.


  • Cover now has a 1-second cooldown.
  • Recuperate can no longer be used from cover.



  • Flechette Round now causes the next Shoot First or Back Blast to deal additional bleed damage and increases armor penetration by 50% for a moderate duration. It is not affected by the global cooldown and does not break stealth.
  • Sucker Punch now requires 15 energy and has had its damage output decreased by 15%.
  • Flying Fists’ damage output has been decreased by 15%.
  • Sawed Off now affects Flechette Round instead of Blaster Whip.
Imperial Agent

  • Cover now has a 1-second cooldown.
  • Explosive Probe’s animation now correctly displays when the probe is resisted by an enemy.
  • Recuperate can no longer be used from cover.



  • Acid Blade now causes the next Hidden Strike or Backstab to deal additional poison damage and increases armor penetration by 50% for a moderate duration. It is not affected by the global cooldown and does not break stealth.
  • Laceration now requires 15 energy and has had its damage output decreased by 15%.
  • Collateral Strike’s damage output has been decreased by 15%.
  • Waylay now affects Acid Blade instead of Shiv.
Bounty Hunter

  • Carbonize now has a 45-second cooldown, affects up to 5 targets, and has a duration of 2.5 seconds.

  • Adjusted resource bar visuals for ammo gain and use.
Carbonize now has a 45-second cooldown, affects up to 5 targets, and has a duration of 2.5 seconds.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the skill Kolto Recharge from healing as intended.
  • Concussive Force now properly increases the knockback distance of Concussion Charge.
  • General Combat Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused multi-hit attacks to sometimes deal damage upon miss or deflect from the enemy.
  • Calling a Medical Probe upon death now properly applies damage to equipment the player is wearing.
  • The cooldown for calling a Medical Probe will now properly increase in phased areas.

Companion Characters



Crew Skills

  • Added implants to the schematic filter for the crafting window and to trainers.
  • Slightly increased critical chance for crafting and missions for Orange difficulty tasks.

Crafting Skills

Gathering Skills

  • The highest-level gathering nodes now spawn more regularly on Corellia and in the high-level mission area on Belsavis.

Mission Skills

  • Adjusted mission costs across all skill levels
  • Treasure Hunting relics now bind to the character when equipped.
  • Luxury Fabrics and Underworld Metals are now obtained through different missions.
  • Investigation Mission Discoveries now yield Researched Compounds.
  • Rich yields no longer always provide Artifact quality resources.
  • Mission rewards now include higher quantities of Prototype quality crafted materials.

Bug Fixes

Flashpoints and Operations



Black Talon

  • Yadira Ban’s difficulty in Hard Mode has been increased.

Bringing Down the Hammer

The Esseles

  • Vokk’s difficulty in Hard Mode has been increased.
  • Lieutenant Isric’s difficulty has been corrected in Hard Mode.

Colicoid War Games

  • This Flashpoint has undergone a difficulty balance pass.
  • The final boss no longer continually respawns.

Directive 7

  • Bulwark’s mechanics now function properly.

The False Emperor

  • Normal Mode bosses now inflict less burst damage.
  • Boss mechanics in this Flashpoint now function properly in Normal and Hard Mode.

The Foundry

  • A normal enemy NPC in this Flashpoint no longer drops boss loot.



  • The Operations lockout window now displays the current boss lockouts for your group members.

Eternity Vault

  • Nightmare Mode chests now contain loot.
  • Enrage timers have been added to Annihilator Droid XRR-3 and Gharj.
  • The Ancient Pylon puzzle enemies now spawn.
  • Button use timing for the Ancient Pylon puzzle has been corrected.
  • The Infernal Council fight no longer resets as soon as the fight begins.
  • Lava creatures now correctly spawn in the cave before Gharj.

Karagga’s Palace

  • Bonethrasher no longer enters a state that causes him to cease executing his combat mechanics.


  • Custom items now appear with an orange border in the inventory. All Custom items are modifiable.
  • The Lhosan Racer is now a level 40 vehicle.
  • Increased the stat diversity of medium armor drops on Origin Worlds.
  • The cost of Droid armor is now comparable to the cost of other armor.
  • Random relics now bind to the character when equipped.
  • Modifiable Artifact quality items now only feature modification and enhancement slots.
  • Some redundant random shield generators with Force stats have been replaced by random foci.
  • Decreased the chance for lockboxes to contain higher-quality loot.


  • All standard modification vendors now sell a basic set of base modifications.
  • All modification vendors that accept commendations now provide a consistent set of modification upgrades for each class.
  • Prototype quality items sold by specialty goods vendors that accept credits can now also be found on the corresponding light, medium, and heavy armor vendors and weapon vendors.
  • Republic Fleet commendation vendors now sell the special ability items that their Imperial counterparts sell.

Bug Fixes

  • The speeder vendor on the Imperial Fleet Station now properly displays the vehicles for sale.
  • Heavy Force armor no longer drops from levels one through nine.
  • Some items with Social rank requirements can no longer be equipped without meeting the requirement.
  • Many high-level items now have the correct appearance when worn.
  • Droid armor can now be auctioned.
  • Some Earpieces and Implants purchased with commendations are no longer mislabeled.


Missions and NPCs


  • Experience gained from completing missions has been increased.
  • Taris (Republic) and Balmorra (Imperial) Bonus Series mission rewards are now the appropriate level.



  • Most Wanted: The weapon cache now provides a companion weapon.

Bug Fixes


  • Decreased the difficulty of several high-level class story bosses.
  • NPCs will now attempt to enter cover when fired upon.

Bug Fixes

  • Standard and Weak toughness enemies no longer regenerate health while under the effects of any 60-second crowd control abilities (such as Force Lift, Concussion Missle, etc).


  • The center-screen message associated with the Deserter debuff now occurs after 50 seconds.
  • The decay time for Resolve has been significantly reduced, making characters susceptible to fewer crowd control effects over short periods of time.
  • The Glacial Fissure Imperial Med Center is now a safe area for Empire characters.

PvP Items

PvP Missions


Alderaan Civil War

  • Reduced the interaction time for the targeting console to 8 seconds.
  • The scoreboard now indicates which team score belongs to the player.
  • The large installation cannon now fires at the end of a match.
  • Scoring blasts from cannons now occur at roughly 20-second intervals and now remove 10 points of shield strength.
  • Art for the sky in this Warzone has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that caused Republic players to see misaligned scores.
  • Small body type characters can no longer move behind the pipes near the side control nodes.
  • Small body type characters no longer become stuck in some areas of this Warzone.
  • Turret shots no longer hit invisible collision areas while firing at the Imperial dropship.
  • Players no longer receive a development debug message while interacting with turret control consoles.
  • A visual error during the destruction animation for dropships has been corrected.


Bug Fixes

  • Players on the Frogdog team now properly lose the Deserter Detection debuff when they enter the combat area.


  • The interaction time to plant bombs, extend the bridge, and lower fields has been reduced to 8 seconds.
  • The detonation countdown time has been increased to 20 seconds.
  • Attackers will not advance to the next respawn point until at least one attacker reaches the next room.
  • Extending the bridges and lowering the forcefields now count as progress when determining tiebreakers for matches where neither team reached the datacore.
  • A platform has been added to the reactor room attacker spawn location to prevent fall damage.
  • The Voidstar intro cinematic has been improved.
  • Environmental visual effects have been added to this Warzone.
  • Radio transmission and broadcast audio (instructional and ambient) have been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Players now teleport to the correct respawn location for their side when joining the Warzone after it has started.
  • A crate that allowed players to bypass a forcefield has been removed.
  • Mapnotes now use the appropriate “bomb planted” icons when a bomb is placed on a door.
  • The bridges now appear extended correctly to players who were in the hangar room as the bridges were extended.
  • The Voidstar map on the loading screen is now correct.
  • Voidstar maps now take recent geometry changes into account and have been updated.
  • The Revive window now closes properly between rounds.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be teleported to the wrong location during the round transition.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause level matching in the matchmaking system to function improperly.
  • Corrected an issue that caused players that were unflagged upon entering a Warzone to remain flagged after leaving one.

World PvP

The Battle for Ilum
  • The War Effort buffs now have a new icon.
  • Ambient music now plays during various events during the Battle for Ilum.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that could cause objectives to become stuck in the “secured” state.
  • Corrected text inconsistencies in Battle for Ilum missions and objective notes.
  • Players who load directly into the Western Shelf PvP area now properly receive the area status effect if a faction controls the area.
  • The Republic and Imperial Bases now properly play aerial bombardment explosions when a faction controls the zone.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause music events to not work properly when an Assault area was captured.

The Outlaws’ Den (Tatooine)

  • Added two new, exclusive vehicles to the Outlaw’s Den vendors.
  • Chests in Outlaw’s Den now drop 20 Mercenary Commendations.

Bug Fixes

  • Mercenary Commendation chests no longer appear empty on being opened.
  • The text associated with the mission for Outlaw’s Den has been corrected.

Bug Fixes

  • Alacrity no longer reduces the channel time of interacting with objects inside Warzones.
  • Characters now receive appropriate stat bonuses when bolstered.
  • Players are no longer awarded additional stealth time when reviving if they die inside an exhaustion area.
  • Players can no longer toggle their PvP flag while in contested, Team Free-for-All, Free-for-All, or opposing faction regions.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause characters to remain in combat longer than intended.



  • When the Group Leader changes to the “Master Loot” setting, a message will now display to all members of the group or team.
  • The server select screen now more accurately indicates the population of each server.
  • Servers that are currently offline are now displayed at the bottom of the server list.
  • Removed the /bug button from the User Interface. Players should now submit bugs using the Customer Service Portal.
  • The Inspect feature now shows some stats and other information that was previously missing.
  • Clicking on an item will now attach it to the mouse cursor.
  • Added the ability to right-click to add/remove item modifications.
  • Mail can now be opened using a single click.
  • The loot window will now close if players select “Take All,” regardless of whether or not items require a group roll.
  • Removed the “Show Coverbar” button from the main UI.
  • Nameplate health bars now match their color to the text instead of always displaying as red.
  • Added a “Character Stuck” button to the upper right corner of the Help Window.
  • The Trainer window no longer displays empty tabs.
  • Icons for high-level Commendation items now indicate the item type they provide.
  • The visual and sound effects for a player duel challenge have been updated.
  • Stackable items are now grouped together in the loot window.
  • Character limitations will now display in the error message when players enter a name that is too long.
  • The game credits can now be viewed by pressing the “Credits” button while on the character select screen.
  • The cinematics menu on the character select screen now functions properly.


  • The Operations lockout window now displays the current boss lockouts for your group members.
  • Information available on the Operation lockout window is now easier to understand and displays correctly.
  • Announcements in Operations are now more distinct.
  • Operation raidframes can now be toggled on and off.


  • Players will no longer be asked for confirmation when dragging items off the quickslot bar.
  • Quickslot bars will no longer duplicate when activating extended bars.
  • Passive abilities can no longer be moved to the quickslot bar.


  • Using /group in chat will now send communications to the highest group level (i.e. Operations Teams will take precedence over groups).
  • Chat channel input now defaults to /general instead of /say.
  • Some chat commands have been changed. The following commands now work when used followed by player-created chat channel names: /cjoin, /cleave, /cinvite, /ckick, /mute, and /unmute.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Chat window to be placed off-screen with some monitor configurations.


  • Added or corrected images for many Codex entries and tutorials.
  • Added several new Codex entries for Ilum.


  • Added several new tooltips.
  • Improved the explanation of rested experience in the experience tooltip.
  • Repair tooltips no longer display stats if the values are 0.
  • Player tooltips now display when a player is marked as Looking for Group.
  • Space Combat ability items now have tooltips.


  • The Social Center will now update Looking For Group status more frequently and displays Looking For Group comments by default.
  • The UI no longer displays the Quick Group button when players select a character from the opposite faction.
  • Updated the art for Social Center notifications.
  • Inspecting other players now displays their values for Valor.
  • Reduced the number of available titles from alignment, social, and some missions.


  • Added level requirements to some tutorials.
  • Clarified the wording of many tutorials.
  • Closing the tutorial window now closes all read tutorials.
  • Added new tips to loading screens and adjusted many tips such that they will display at more relevant times.

Galactic Trade Network


  • Players can now map the mouse wheel up and down to any game function, and the Camera Zoom In/Out can be mapped to keys.
  • Removed several obsolete entries from the Preferences Menu.
  • Moved some preferences to make them easier to find.
  • Preference tooltips will now indicate which options will result in better performance.
  • Chat fade is now toggled off by default.
  • The “Social invites as Social Center messages” preference is now toggled off by default.
  • Players will now have fifteen seconds to confirm after changing the game resolution.
  • The Automatic Cover bar can now be disabled via the Preferences Menu.
  • Added a preference that will cause the map to flash red while in combat.
  • Added a preference to toggle off the Legacy Bar.


  • Updated the appearance of the minimap filter toggle buttons.
  • Unusable enemy vendors no longer display on the map.
  • Crew Skill trainers now show up correctly on the map and minimap.


  • The UI no longer enters a bad state when it is reloaded at the end of a Warzone match.
  • The Warzone invitation window now reappears if it is active when the player loads into another area.
  • The character sheet now correctly displays bolstered weapon damage inside Warzones.
  • PvP Codex images have been added for PvP unlockable entries.

Bug Fixes

  • The server login queue now displays more accurate estimations.
  • The maximum count of Codex entries now displays correctly for all planets.
  • Corrected several incorrect preference tooltips.
  • Preferences defaults now have the correct initial settings.
  • Shift+F12 can now be remapped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused chat to be unviewable when switching from portrait to widescreen.
  • Players no longer lose their chat reply target upon area transition.
  • The active companion bar no longer remains occasionally after unsummoning a companion.
  • The Looking for Group icon no longer displays on the nameplates of players that are not looking for groups.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player’s Legacy to incorrectly display other player characters’ Legacy.
  • The player’s castbar can no longer incorrectly display another character’s castbar.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the minimap arrow to sometimes point in the wrong direction and display an incorrect location.
  • The Friends List now updates properly to display friends who are online.
  • Trades are now cancelled when the trade window is closed.
  • The character sheet now resets when reloading the UI with Ctrl+U.
  • Fixed an issue with character rotation in the Item Preview window.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inventory tabs to incorrectly display their capacity.
  • Items with very high prices no longer display incorrectly.
  • Item preview now works correctly with item hyperlinks.
  • Social notifications (like group invitations) now display and behave properly.
  • Fixed a tooltip bug that could cause “Main Hand” to incorrectly display in red text.
  • Many incorrect icons have been replaced.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Dark Side appearances should now always be visible to other players.
  • Players who initially lose conversation rolls will now correctly gain bonuses to future rolls until a roll is won.
  • Characters now face forward and move at full speed when strafing right or left.
  • Players will no longer be dismounted when speaking to a vendor.
  • Players are no longer invulnerable after surrendering in a duel.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing lag in Warzones and Flashpoints.
  • Using strafe after using backwards strafe will now allow the character to move at full speed.
  • Players no longer receive rewards for participating in a single-player conversation with guests.
  • Fixed several issues that caused weapons to not sheath or unsheath properly.
  • Groupmates that are too far away or are in another phase when a chest is looted are no longer eligible to roll on that chest’s loot.
  • Made overall improvements to the profanity filter.
  • French and German game clients now have their own profanity filters.
  • Invalid names can no longer be created by the random name generator.