Social Gear by Social Rank and Location

One of the most popular parts of an MMO is the gear you can get for your character. It just goes with the genre and nearly every MMORPG has gear and gear sets that your character can earn, buy or loot in some manner in the game. SWTOR is no exception and there are several types of gear in the game and different ways to get it.

One of these is social gear- which you get by earning social points and rank as you level up in the game. But getting social rank is not as easy as you might think- especially if you tend to play solo a lot. The more grouping you do, the more opportunities you will have to build your social ranking.

Here is a great chart of the social gear by social rank and location. It also includes the pricing of the different pieces. This will allow you to see what the gear looks like, what social rank you need to get it and how many credits each piece will get you. If you see a set that you like, it’s time to start saving up to be able to get it.

EDIT: Large Imgur image:

Go ahead and take a look at these and let us know what you think. Do you like them or think they have some room for improvements? I agree with others who have said the head gear looks pretty funky on most of the sets but then again, head gear in general in Star Wars is kind of goofy looking. All in all, I don’t think the sets are bad but I honestly don’t see any that really jump out to me as something I want to grind the social points out for.

Lisa Clark

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