BioWare need your help. Come test Ranked Warzones this weekend

BioWare Live Community Coordinator Amber Green, posted a heads up on the official forum, asking people to come test the Ranked Warzones at the public test realms. For those people REALLY wanting Ranked Warzones, and there are a lot of us I think, we should really try to get on there and help get this ready. the more we can get it tested, the quicker it will come to the live servers.

Hello everyone!

This weekend we really want to focus on testing our Ranked Warzones and we need your help! We’d like for you to get together with 7 of your friends and queue up for as many Ranked and Normal Warzones as you can during the timeframes listed below.

At the end of the each testing window, we’ll want your feedback! Please check this thread, where we’ll be posting a series of questions to gather information about your experiences with Ranked Warzones. While we will need your overall thoughts and bug reports, during the events please focus on wins and losses, what types of Warzones your queue for, and what your rewards were for your matches.

Here are the details for each event:

Event #1
Saturday, June 16th
12pm CDT – 5pm CDT

Event #2
Sunday, June 17th
12pm CDT – 5pm CDT

Thank you very much! Your participation is appreciated and will help contribute to a better gameplay experience in Game Update 1.3.

See you on the PTS!