Gabe Amatangelo updates us on Ranked Warzones in Game Update 1.3

Gabe Amatangelo, Principal Lead PvP Designer on Star Wars: The old republic, have just posted a blog update on the Ranked Warzone feature wich is introduced with game update 1.3. It’s an interesting read, were Mr. Amatangelo explains how the system is going to work.

In the current Game Update 1.3 PTS build, you’ll find a new button in the Warzone queue window: Queue Team Ranked. This button is available to any player that is in a group of eight level 50 players, and allows that group to queue up for Team Ranked Warzones with a single click. Team Ranked Warzones can only be participated in by a full team of eight players. If any player drops out of the queue before a match is made, the team will need to find a replacement and re-queue.

It all sounds awesome, but in the end of the blog post, Gabe ask us to joine the PTS to check it out. They really need our feedback to make this great, so please check out the PTS when you get the time

We will not be pushing Team Ranked Warzones to the live game until we have significant PTS testing of the feature. Fortunately, those of you on the Public Test Server can now queue up for Team Ranked Warzones and test this feature out now. Be sure to submit any feedback to our PTS forum here.