TOR TV: Into the Vault – Music Video

This video was mailed to me this morning by.  Kelly Stark from the  pandamonium guild. If that guild name rings a bell, i might be becourse we featured the movie Crimson Nova Girls by them back in april. Now they are back with a new movie called Into the Vault.  The video is a parody video set within the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe. It uses music from Into the Woods and tells the story of Soa from the Eternity Vault operation zone.

I had a short chat with Kelly about the movie and this was what she had to say about it:

This project was great fun to put together. The video portion of it included a whole host of members from Pandamonium (a guild description is below). They were kind enough to wipe in Eternity Vault over and over and over again for the sake of getting “that perfect shot.” The musical performances were done by two of my guildies, and three others who don’t even play SWTOR. Sondheim music is NOT easy, so bravo to them. The fact that they were all so willing to let their geek flags fly and play in my sandbox for a little while is a testament to the creative spirit.

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