Star Wars Outlaws: A Manageable Open-World Adventure, Not a 300-Hour Epic

“Star Wars: Outlaws” Receives 19+ Rating in South Korea Due to Gambling Mini-Game

“Star Wars: Outlaws,” the highly anticipated title from Ubisoft, is making headlines not just for its adventurous foray into the Star Wars universe but also for its unique classification in South Korea. The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has assigned the game a 19+ rating, marking it as unsuitable for minors. This decision stems primarily from the inclusion of a gambling mini-game within the action-adventure title, sparking a conversation about content ratings and cultural standards in the gaming industry.

A Closer Look at the Rating Decision

The decision to rate “Star Wars: Outlaws” as 19+ in South Korea is based on the game’s realistic simulation of gambling, facilitated through a mini-game that features in-game betting and payouts. While specific details of the mini-game are under wraps, it’s speculated to involve a Star Wars-style representation of gambling, reminiscent of the Sabbac card game showcased in the game’s first trailer. South Korea’s stringent stance on depictions of gambling in video games has played a significant role in this rating outcome, raising questions about how the game will be received in other territories.

Implications for Global Release

The 19+ rating in South Korea sets a precedent that may influence how “Star Wars: Outlaws” is classified in other regions. Given the global appeal of the Star Wars franchise and the varying cultural and regulatory standards across countries, it remains to be seen whether similar ratings will be applied elsewhere. The inclusion of gambling elements, even in a fictional context, can significantly impact a game’s accessibility to younger audiences, potentially affecting its overall market reach.

Release Date Speculations

The assignment of a rating often signals a game’s impending release, as it’s typically one of the final steps before launch. With “Star Wars: Outlaws” receiving its rating in South Korea, speculation is mounting that an official release date announcement could be on the horizon. Insiders had previously hinted at an “early 2024” release for Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game, and this recent development only adds to the anticipation. Fans are eagerly awaiting the chance to explore the game on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


“Star Wars: Outlaws” finds itself at the intersection of cultural standards and gaming regulations with its 19+ rating in South Korea. As the gaming community awaits further details on the game’s release and how it will be rated in other regions, the conversation around content classification and its implications for accessibility continues. With Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment yet to announce a specific release date, the anticipation for “Star Wars: Outlaws” only grows, promising an adventure that will push the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay in the beloved Star Wars universe.