Unraveling "Old Wounds": An In-Depth Look at SWTOR Game Update 7.3

Unraveling “Old Wounds”: An In-Depth Look at SWTOR Game Update 7.3

The long-anticipated Game Update 7.3, “Old Wounds”, for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is now live, and it brings with it a trove of new content that is sure to excite both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

The Story Update: “Old Wounds”

In the story update titled “Old Wounds”, players are plunged back into the fascinating world of the ancient Sith’s past. The mysterious holocron of Darth Nul, now in the possession of the Hidden Chain, prompts players and their allies to delve deeper into their investigations of the Sith’s ancient history, unearthing unexpected truths along the way.

This narrative journey returns players to the planet Voss, where they will join the “Shrine Restoration Initiative. The mission is to rebuild the damage inflicted by the Eternal Empire’s invasion. Working alongside Voss and Gormak members of the Initiative, players will navigate the Interpreter’s Retreat, an unseen landing zone teeming with new side missions and achievements. This will provide a fresh experience and new challenges to conquer.

New Flashpoint: “Shrine of Silence”

The “Shrine of Silence”, a new Flashpoint, offers another exciting adventure for players. They are tasked with assisting a Voss Commando in rescuing two Mystics who have disappeared within the perilous ruins of the Shrine of Silence. Successfully completing this Flashpoint allows players to earn new armor sets and Stronghold decorations. The “Shrine of Silence” is accessible in all modes and can be completed either solo or in a group. It’s important to note that although the Flashpoint is tied to the narrative in the Interpreter’s Retreat, it’s not obligatory to complete the new story content on Voss.

Credit Economy Initiative

The 7.3 update also includes an important Credit Economy Initiative. This initiative brings several changes to the Credit Economy, such as retiring the Tax Evasion Guild Perk, introducing a new transaction fee, and adjusting Vendor sale values for many items. These changes were first announced during a 7.3 livestream and outlined in a forum post, demonstrating the developers’ ongoing commitment to refining and improving the game economy.

Progression and Combat Changes

Game Update 7.3 simplifies Gear Progression by removing the Daily Resource Matrices. Instead, players will receive Conquest Commendations when completing Daily and Heroic Missions. Changes have also been made to the weekly and total caps of several currencies, all aimed at creating a smoother and more intuitive progression experience.

In addition to these progression changes, the update also introduces balance changes to the combat system. More information about these changes can be found in the Combat Styles section of the 7.3 patch notes.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Returns

The popular Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event makes a comeback with this update. From July 11th until August 22nd, 2023, players can try their luck at one of the in-game casinos and earn new rewards inspired by the High Roller Shades. These rewards include the High Roller Skiff Mount, the High Roller Armor Set Box, and individual pieces of High Roller Armor.

High Roller Skiff Mount.

High Roller Armor Set.

PvP Season 3: “Reign of Glory”

The new PvP Season, “Reign of Glory”, kicks off on July 18th, bringing changes to PvP maps and introducing new decorations and armor sets, such as the Sandstorm Soldier Armor Set. More detailsabout the changes can be found in the 7.3 patch notes and in the forum post dedicated to this new season.

Players are encouraged to stay tuned to the official SWTOR social platforms and website for more updates regarding the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event and PvP Season 3.

Game Update 7.3 “Old Wounds” offers a rich variety of content and changes that promise to reinvigorate the game. The full list of patch notes for Game Update 7.3 is available on the official SWTOR site. Players can log into the game now to experience the new content and changes, and immerse themselves in the thrilling universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Sandstorm Soldier Armor Set.