SWTOR Character Transfers – Important Update

Bioware’a Eric Musco took on the forums, announcing the cost of Character Transfers have increased to 1000 CC from the previously discounted 90 CC. Chekc it out:

Character Transfers – Important Update | 04.19.2016, 12:49 PM

Hey folks,

Heads up on a change that is coming next Tuesday (4/26). Leading up to the Fallen Empire launch, we greatly reduced the cost of Character Transfers from 1,800 CC down to 90 CC. This was done to accommodate players who were interested in transferring characters to join their friends who were returning to or joining the game. This was a limited time offer which will be coming to an end. Starting Tuesday, the new price will be 1,000 CC which is adjusted to below the former rate of 1,800 CC. We feel this gives our players the option to Transfer at a reasonable rate while being in line with other services we offer, like name changes.

Anytime we talk about Transfers, players ask us about the possibility of removing the Regional Transfers restriction which is currently in place. The team is very actively investigating how we can lift this restriction, and hopefully soon. I will pass on updates (timing, pricing, etc.) as I have them, but know that the team is working towards making that happen.