Star Wars Battlefront Beta Has No Offline Mode of Play for Survival Missions

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If you’re revving up to try out the Star Wars Battelfront beta that begins next week, you’re going to want to know first that it has no offline mode of play for the Survival Missions. You will need an internet connection in order to play.

“Offline gameplay will not be available within the beta,” Battlefront community manager Mat Everett wrote on Reddit. “For the beta, an Internet connection is required to play Missions.”

He doesn’t go on to explain why they won’t be playable offline in the beta. We do know that the beta will be open to everyone across the various platforms the game is being released on and that it will also include the 40-player Walker Assault and Drop Zone modes. The Survival Mission mode is set on Tatooine and you can play by yourself or with a friend online in co-op or local in split-screen.

Gamespot explains how we won’t have to wait much longer for the beta. It begins next week so you may want to start the download and get prepared:

Fans don’t have to wait much longer to check out the Battlefront beta, as it begins on October 8 and will run through October 12. The beta file size is 7 GB on PS4/Xbox One, while the PC edition weighs in at 11 GB. PC players can pre-load the beta starting on October 7.

XBox One owners who have EA Access memberships will get first access to the beta, five days early. The official game launches on November 17, 2015. This is about a month before the new Star Wars movie hits theaters in December and it will also give you some time to play during your time off on the holidays.

Are you ready?

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