SWTOR PvP Endgame “A mess” Says One Gamer

Endgame content in an MMO is important. What do you do when you reach max level? It’s this content that really hooks the player and keeps him (or her) in the game. Good endgame content is needed to maintain subscribers past their initial experience. For some gamers, PvP is where it’s at and BioWare claims to offer that in SWTOR.

However, there are some players who are just not satisfied with what BioWare has offered us in game yet. Some of these gamers are frustrated with the PvP, especially in Ilum- the end game PvP area for level 50s.

One gamer posts on MMOsite.com how they are not pleased with the endgame PvP or Ilum in SWTOR. Pelagato presents these reasons why SWTOR PvP endgame is a mess:

  1. Population Imbalance
  2. Performance Problems
  3. PvP gear
  4. Only 3 warzones and Ilum
  5. BIOCHEM!!!!

Pelagato has a video to further prove this point:

So what do you think? Is end game PvP in SWTOR messed up or is it a work in progress that will likely get better in future patches? Do you think it’s fine how it is? What would you change or do differently if given the opportunity to control the development of the game?

THis is PVP in the year 1999 btw:

Lisa Clark

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