Custom Loading Screens Must Repair after Patch

Remember we told you about how you could customize your SWTOR loading screen? As much fun as it is to do so, you will have to pay the price for having done so. Associate Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez explains on the official SWTOR forums:

Hey everyone,

We’ve noticed that many of you have been going into your SWTOR game files and overwriting the default loading screen. While this has resulted in some very impressive custom loading screens, we need to remind you all that changing game files will corrupt your installation and force you to repair with the subsequent patch.

Overwrite your SWTOR loading screen at your own peril.
Thank you

Oh, file corruption… you ruin all the fun! So anyway, knowing this now, will you continue to customize your loading screen or will you go back to default and just stick with that to save the trouble of repairing?
Here is the original, uncompressed loading screen image to save you having to repair your client. Knowing the SWTOR launcher, it would make you download 11GB just to get the file needed.