Ex WoW Healer on Healing TOR

I play a healer as my main in WoW. This isn’t a girl-stereotypical thing. Actually, WoW is the only MMORPG where I play healer. I play medic a lot in TF2 but healing in an FPS is totally different. Anyway, since SWTOR is basically the game that is supposed to be my WoW-replacement, you can bet my excitement to find this post by an ex-WoW healer who talks about healing in TOR.
The intro says:
“I’ve played up to level 19 as a SS (Sith Sorc) and up to 12 as an IO (Imperial Operative). I have not tried Merc yet, which is the only other healing class I haven’t played.”
So it sounds like this person had pretty good experience as far as the classes they played. Here you will find a complete, 1500-word post that describes healing in TOR from the perspective of the two classes this reviewer played. It makes for a pretty good rundown for anyone considering playing a healer.
Here are some good points found within:
“The healing stat is called Presence and it increases the amount of healing you do for all classes. In addition to this, it also happens to increase the amount of health and damage your companions do. Every class gets companions although they vary from class to class.”
“At least up to level 19, its perfectly viable to solo as a healer, thanks to this.”
What about the group makeup and how hard it is to heal?
“In tough fights, especially when we had no tank, we wiped once I ran out of force. This was typically because we took so much damage I was forced to spam heals. When we had a good group with a tank, I did fine and could even throw some damage dealing spells into the mix.”
There are also some great points about grouping and the game in general such as:
“Companions are intelligent and will not attack enemies you’ve CC’d and will stop attacking if you CC them during combat. Groupmates on the other hand, may vary.”
What’s that about stealth healers?
“Interestingly, Imperial Operatives can stealth. A stealth healer holds a certain appeal to me but I’ve only gotten up to level 12 and haven’t pvped on the character yet so I’m not sure how well it works in practice.”
This is just a few of the highlights. The entire beta review is very long so feel free to read it for yourself and form your own opinions. The reviewer, EvadableMoxie, also replies to comments and questions so if you want to ask about healing in TOR, there’s a good chance you’ll get a reply from at least one person’s opinion.