E3 2011: Hands-on with SWTOR’s Imperial Agent Operative

Want to know what it’s like to be an Imperial Agent Operative in SWTOR? Well, here’s your chance to get as close as possible before the game’s release. Dan O’Halloran from Massively was one of the first in line for the hands-on demo action at the EA booth. He explains that there were two demo stations available- one for newbies with featured level 1 Galactic Republic characters and one for MMO veterans, with a level 26 Sith Empire character. He opted for the mid-level character and began the 10 minute instructional video required before the demo.
His notes from the video include tips and tidbits for each of the Advanced Classes such as:
Imperial Agent Operative: Use Stealth for a big opening Backstab ability. Use poison-over-time ability and Shiv as often as that ability is up. Also use the self-heals available for this advanced class.
Bounty Hunter Powertech: Flame damage-over-time abilities define this advanced class. Grapple far away opponents into damage range, then lay on the Flame Bursts for extra damage.
This hands-on recap is the next best thing to being able to play the demo yourself. Dan gives you the step by step play by play on his experience with the demo. While it is only one person’s perspective, there’s a lot to learn from it.

Gampelay footage?? Sure Tor-Wars.com got some: