Gambling in The Star Wars Universe

You may love Star Wars due to spaceships, combats in the space, or simple Sci-Fi elements. But one aspect of the franchise is gambling. You probably know about the scene where Han Solo gambles with Lando Calrissian and wins the most famous spaceship in the movie, Millennium Flacon. There are countless other real money gambling-related situations. It is impossible to explain all of them, but let’s take a look at some, the most popular online games.

Gambling at Cantonica

The ultimate gambling experience in Star Wars is located on planet Cantonica. This is the casino that covers the entire planet. It is actually known as Canto Casino, which is located in the city of Canto Bight. This part of the movie comes from Last Jedi. As you would believe, this casino is massive, and it offers numerous gambling options, games, restaurants, and so much more, all you can see in real, land casinos on Earth, just in much more significant numbers.

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This scene can remind us of modern gambling at the moment in Canada. There are massive online casinos that offer real money gambling on any device, at any given moment. Choosing the right place may be complicated, but thanks to the reviews from, this is easier than ever before. Now you can find the best site with the best offers quickly and within minutes. The next step is to gamble there and win some money. 

Golden dice: Corellian Spike

In the Star Wars universe, there is a lot of gambling and a lot of different games. Still, the best-known game here is Sabacc. It is a card game, and therefore it doesn’t use dice. Some of you believe that Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon playing this game. This isn’t true. In reality, they play a unique variation of the game called Corellian Spike. It has a similar base, but it uses cards and dice. You can see the golden dice in the movie, in the Millennium Flacon, hanging above the pilot. 

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Sabacc is a Space Blackjack

We had to mention Sabacc game, and it would be ideal if we could explain the game more. A simple explanation is that Sabacc is based on Blackjack. It is played with four card suits, and each one has 15 cards. There are only eight cards with specialized roles in the game, and the overall goal is to get Pure Sabacc. This is when you have 23, the card value. If you have 24 or any higher value, you will lose the game. An interesting fact is that there is a game online with this theme, this base, and with these rules, you can play right now. 

Slots are Available as Well

In Star Wars, slots are more common than you may believe. They do appear on a regular basis, and there are several variations. One scene where you can see this is in The Last Jedi when one gambler thinks the BB8, the droid is an actual slot machine. This happened at Canto Casino, which we have mentioned earlier. The slot machines are called Lugjacks, and there are many types of them. These slots have three reels, and the goal is to get the three same symbol combinations and to win the jackpot. As always, the jackpot is displayed on the slot machine itself, and it varies. 

Jubilee Wheel Game

This game is less known in the movies. The gambling activities we can see in the game are similar to Roulette. You can play at any Canadian casino. You get the wheel, which in this case has 0-20 numbers. You may know that the actual roulette wheel has numbers up to 36. The goal is to match the number you placed a bet on with the number where the ball will land. When you get this combo, you will win the prize.

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This game is partially available in our realm. You can find online versions of it that can be played for fun. This means that you can play them for free and have fun online, without having to invest anything.

Racing Spectacles

Many fans know that races and Star Wars are closely connected. There are so many variations types, and so much more you will want to see again. Most of the races are held at Canto Bright. The first type is the Blob Races. Here we can see Umgullian blobs racing through various obstacles and tracks to try and be the fastest racer. The second, also popular type on the planet, is Odupiendo Races. It is based on birds that cannot fly but race instead n a circular track.

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Of them all, Podraces are the best-known. This is the type of race you could see in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. This is the race when Anakin Skywalker wins the Boonta Eve Classic race on the planet called Tatooine. He flies with an aircraft that can reach 700km/h and defeats various opponents. He wins the race and, with it, his freedom. The same type of the race is held on the planet called Ankhural. However, this race isn’t performed anymore, and it doesn’t have future roles in the movie. 

The last type of race we must explain is Sun Jammer. Here racers will race with various aircraft powered by wind and solar power across a canyon. The best example of the race type are races such as Sling Racing and Ursellin Sun Jammer Race. Of them all, Podracing is considered to be the most dangerous of them all and the most thrilling for the viewers.

The Final Word

If you like watching Star Wars, you will love knowing more about the correlation between the movie and gambling. You can get similar, virtual experience at online casinos and play some of the games that were featured in the actual film. You can even win real money by gambling in the same or at least a similar way as Han Solo and other characters from the franchise.