Star Wars: Commander Rogue One Expansion trailer

Star Wars: Commander just released an trailer for it’s new expansion now available for download.


New content inspired by Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story!
Collect valuable new Weapons Research Crates to earn rewards in a LIMITED-TIME event, including:
● New Mercenaries: Security Droid/Drabatan Saboteur
○ These powerful units utilize sonic grenades to weaken enemy defenses for a short period of time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
● New Starfighters: TIE Striker/Fang Fighter
○ These specialized ships can be used to devastating effect against vehicle targets.
4.6.1: Optimizations

Star Wars: Commander Rogue One Expansion #2
The second wave of new Rogue One content for Star Wars: Commander is now available with new mercenaries & starships!