Star Wars Trilogy Arcade – Longplay (Supermodel Emulator)

Star Wars Trilogy ArcadeWho remembers “Star Wars Trilogy”? This brilliant Sega arcade game from 1998 was a huge hit with Star Wars fans everywhere.

So here’s something you’ll really love:

[ARCADE] Star Wars Trilogy Arcade – Longplay

The uploader explains a bit more for us.

Longplay of “Star Wars Trilogy” the popular and brilliant Sega arcade game / coin-op from 1998! Played via emulation on PC.


* This isn’t actually MAME I’m playing this on, but in fact the new “Supermodel” emulator (“A Sega Model 3 Arcade Emulator”) which more accurately emulates the arcade game than MAME currently does. You can get it here –

* The game still has *graphical glitches*, most apparent on the Endor stage, the final death star run and sadly the lightsabre duels. However as you can see it’s still very playable! Sound quality isn’t brilliant, and not a recording/compression issue – it is as it sounds when you play.

* I’m no expert on this game, I spent a lot of time in the arcades playing this one years ago and after a few games this evening I decided to record this attempt. I used one continue on the final stage, but I have in the past done it many times on one credit. Plus many more ‘secrets’ to be found...

* I’m not sure what difficulty this is set as, I think probably either easy or medium.

* “Where can I get the ROM?” I will not link you here, but it is easily found by using Google (hint “supermodel full rom set”)

* Sorry this is not 1080p HQ – when the graphical glitches are eventually fixed I will do a new longplay in HQ.

Anyway … I love this game!! Enjoy!


Lisa Clark

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