SWTOR December Producer’s Livestream Coverage

Here is  a lengthy writeup of the December SWTOR Producer’s Livestream.

  • When: 4:30 pm CST (1 hr from this post)
  • What: Tune in as we explore the state of the post-KOTET galaxy! Plus, get a first look at exciting upcoming events and in-game rewards, including SWTOR’s 5-Year Anniversary, Life Day, and much more!
  • Where: Youtube mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voVOQy-X5vk


They are showing the Bingo card at start of the stream. Musco is not able to join the stream.

Community Topics

  • Response from the community has been awesome, people on Twitter loved the story and the option to kill certain characters.
  • Galactic Command Updates
    • Tons of feedback, lots of request for changes. We are flexible. Made some changes on live already mainly to fix exploits but they don’t consider farming gold mobs to be an exploit. They are going to bump up the CXP for champions a bit more to 2 points.
    • 5.0.1 changes are coming Tuesday, increasing the CXP gain for flashpoints and uprisings significantly. Storymode uprising gains 50% more CXP, Veteran uprising gains 80% more CXP to bring them on par to PvP.
    • Future updates will try to address the concrete goals in Galactic Command – like giving you the option to work on a specific gear but nothing specific yet.
    • Nothing specific planned for alt characters, we are looking at options like legacy perks to make it more alt friendly.
    • Operations are an issue with risk vs reward since it is not efficient if you are wiping a lot with lower gear but as you get more it should go better. They are buffing other group content first to make gearing goes faster.
    • Solo content CXP gain – they are keeping an eye on it, maybe Master Chapters could be good a CXP gain when they come.
    • They are willing to do a double CXP event in the future.
    • RNG – Lets see how it plays out. Purple shouldn’t be easy to get. They are monitoring the situation and implement a solution later.
    • CXP Weekly Cap – they are monitoring it, they think only 1-2 players hit the cap. If enough people hit the cap by playing the way they expect players to, then they will increase the cap.
    • Stacking CXP Buffs – don’t do it, it is not good for you because it is a waste of money. They are fixing it on Tuesday but they are not considering it as an exploit.
    • They didn’t really say this but if you read between the lines, they want you to play the game in a specific way they intended.
  • DvL Events
    • DvL achievements were taken away, they are going to give back the meta achievements for each tier in January.
    • Master Ranos recruitment mission will be resolved with patch 5.0.1.
  • Harbinger Rollback
    • They are sorry about the rollbacks, they are working with customer service to get as much stuff back for you as possible. Submit a ticket if you havn’t.
  • Class balance
    • They will make a post later on the forums on when you can expect the class changes etc.
  • Server Merges – They will get back to you on this after the new year. They want to monitor server populations after launch. Cheap transfers now available.

Cartel Market

In-game events

Coming to SWTOR Early 2017