Hammerhead-class cruiser from KotOR/SWTOR canonized in Star Wars Rebels

Here you can see some great pics from Star Wars Rebels. Transport ships based on Hammerhead capital ships from Knights of the Old Republic and Thranta Class Frigates from Star Wars the Old Republic, as you can see below. While it looks like the design is reused, it’s not all exactly the same. One might presume that over 3,000 years the design is obsolete as a military ship and now makes better use as transport.

That would make sense, as so much can change in that time period but for many fans, it’s nice to see the familiar design of the ships from SWTOR and KOTOR. The tech in SWTOR/KOTOR was always more advanced than modern day Star Wars also, at least when it comes to fleets. If you look closely, you’ll see they are just inspired by the Hammerheads of KOTOR and SWTOR era. They’re not exactly the same thing.

See for yourself here:

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You can also see a clip from when Princess Leia arrives on Lothal in this video from the Star Wars Rebels episode “A Princess on Lothal. The transports are seen in this clip when Leia arrives as well.

Here’s the video:

So, what do you think?

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