Updated: EA Louse Blog Prompts Response from Industry Insiders

Last week a blogger referred to by the name of EA Louse posted a rather inflammatory blog slamming EA and BioWare Mythic after claiming to have learned that they will be part of a layoff coming to the company next month. The blog went into detail about why the author felt Warhammer Online had failed and why Star Wars: The Old Republic was on the same path. EA Louse went on to state that the company was, “Rewarding the incompetent. Firing the competent.” But EA Louse has sparked a response from a couple of posters. Jeff Preston, a freelance artist in the gaming industry, has posted a response to EA Louse’s blog simply titles, “Anonymity is for cowards” in which he slams EA Louse for being an anonymous poster and defends those targeted by EA Louse’s blog.

 Short of being shot at, poisoned, stabbed or otherwise given a bad case of death, hiding behind a facade of internet anonymity is for cowards. Could you lose your job? Probably. So get another one. I can guarantee that some place will hire you simply for being forthright, honest and not a pu*** when it comes to doing the right thing.

EA Louse has even prompted a brief response from God of War designer David Jaffe. But Louse is back with a new blog and offering a new post from another anonymous dev, who delves more into life at Mythic after being acquired by EA. The author simply referred to as Insider, posts a less inflammatory statement, one more of disappointment and a hope for change.
We saw management being promoted beyond need. Anyone who challenged their newfound authority and “EA managment” status, debunked. You have to understand this was on all fronts in departments.
It’s unlikely that we’ve heard the end of this saga, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.
Update: Jeff Preston’s blog seems to have been set to private, so you’ll just have to settle for the snippets.