SWTOR will NOT be at E3 this year

ericWere you looking forward to an E3 unveil about Star Wars The Old Republic? Maybe some info about the direction of the game or future content? You’re not along. We all thought it might be coming and there were multiple threads on the forums full of speculations. So if you were hoping (like us) that there would be some SWTOR news coming at E3, then we sadly have to disappoint you. Eric Musco made it clear in the forums that despite the speculation, there would be no new content updates and no surprises about SWTOR at E3 this year.

Hey folks,

Just to head off any crazy expectations, SWTOR will not be on the floor of E3 so I wouldn’t expect any big announcements from us. That being said, don’t forget that we are having a meet and greet as a part of the Cantina Tour! You can find that info here. You can always look forward to cool little tidbits of information from our Cantina events though. Just don’t expect anything big since we wont have a presence directly at E3.

That being said, I really do love speculation threads so carry on.


Last year  BioWare laid out there plans for SWTOR at EA’s Press Conference. So it just makes sense that many were anticipating the same this year but it seems like it’s not going to happen. There’s nothing new- or at least nothing new that they are going to reveal at E3.

That is kind of a bummer but all hope is not lost for Star Wars fans in general, since we expect to hear some things about Star Wars games (possibly 1313) at E3.

Lisa Clark

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