EA’s E3 2010 Press Conference Roundup

EA's E3 2010 Press Conference Roundup

EA’s press conference for this year’s E3 just finished… and as expected it finished with a smashing The Old Republic cinematic trailer. I Just wanted to put together a quick post that details the things we’ve discovered today, the day BEFORE E3 officially begins!

    1. Player Ships! IGN UK revealed through their play with the Smuggler that each class will get their own ship, and it will be highly customizeable. Though they didn’t go into more detail than that I suspect (as I have for a long time) that ships will function much the same as your ship did in the first two KotOR games… a place where your companions hang out, from where you can travel to other planets, and perhaps for things like crafting. Now, they don’t say anything about space combat but if the ships are highlyg customiseable, that’s likely to mean other people will be able to see them… 🙂
    1. War Zones! These seem to be The Old Republic’s implementation of PvP battlegrounds. According to Joystiq, one of them will be on Alderaan. I didn’t really get more details beyond that. Just that you’re supposedly have to pick a side; Republic or Empire. Who would’ve thought that?
  1. The new cinematic trailer – “Hope” – has been revealed! I’ve blogged about the leaked trailer before, but now it is official. SWTOR.com has been updated with the trailer…  A high-rez version has been posted for download as well!

Oh, one final thing, they also confirmed that people will be able to get hands-on experience with the game during E3, so I’m sure that we’ll get plenty of reports on that in the coming days. Possibly even some gameplay videos.