SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Assassin Leveling Build For game update 2.0

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Assassin Leveling Build

We haven’t been posting many SWTOR builds for a while, but here is a new one from. from swtorsavior.com. This time we take a look at a Sith Inquisitor Assassin Build For PVE/Leveling. The build is a good mix of damage and survivorbility as well.  Sith Inquisitors in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Sith Assassin (DPS / Tank Class) or a Sith Sorcerer (DPS / Healer). The Sith Assassin uses a double bladed light saber they use to do impressive melee damage. The assassin class also make good tanks, they are more of an avoidance based tank but do make use of their force skills and shields to tank. Assassins have three trees to choose talents from: Darkness (DPS tree), Deception (DPS tree) and Madness (a shared DPS tree shared with the Sith Sorcerer Class).

As always I I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all swtorsavior.com amazing features. It is available right here.

3/3 Charge Mastery
2/2 Lightning Reflexes
2/2 Lightning Recovery
2/2 Swelling Shadows
2/3 Electric Execution
1/1 Dark Ward
1/1 Energize
2/2 Premonition
1/1 Disjunction
3/3 Blood of Sith
2/2 Hollow
2/2 Electrify
1/1 Force Pull
2/2 Dark Bulwark
3/3 Mounting Darkness
2/2 Harnessed Darkness
2/2 Assassins Shelter
2/2 Conspirators Cloak
1/1 Wither
3/3 Chain Shock
2/2 Avoidance
2/2 Sith Defiance
2/2 Torment
1/3 Exploitive Strikes

Stat Priority:

Absorption (60%) = Shield (65%) > Defence (20%) >= Endurance > Willpower >= Accuracy (110%)

Single Target Rotation:

Multiple Target:

Wither >Discharge > Overload > Lacerate

Survivability Options:

  • Overcharge Saber
  • Force Cloak
  • Deflection
  • Unbreakable Will
  • Phase Walk

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