The Sith Inquisition: Sorcerer Healing Build

The guys over at has created a video showing some excellent builds. Over the next few days, we will be showcasing some of the best builds they have come up with, but if you want the full advantage of  there guides, you have to buy the swtorsavio guide, which is available here.

Here is a build that you can use if you are playing as a healer with the Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer.

Please read the notes about this build:

  • Dark Heal – First healing skill that you pick up and later on should only be used if you need to stop someone from dying fast.
  • Dark Infusion – use Infusion to replace Dark Heal as soon as you can as you are leveling up, again the only time you need to go back to Dark Heal is to stop someone from falling and emergencies.

You can also use Static Barrier as well as Dark Heal to help tanks.

Once you get all the way up to Innervate you should only use this when you have time and when the target is not about to die but it is a massive heal.

Resurgence is awesome with Force Bending and use this as it improves the Armor of the target too.

Revivification – This is the BIG Heal!

Let people know when you cast this as it is an AoE skill and they will need to stay in range.