Developer Blogs: Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Shadow + Assassin

Bioware is continuing the release of Patch 3.0 information in their official website. This time around, their developer blog is focusing on Shadow and Assassin changes as part of the upcoming expansion. As always, they pointed out that the intent of developer blogs as they relate to advanced classes is not to capture every single change but to provide an overview.


In specific:

  • Force Potency is the most significant Jedi Consular change, that allows it to increase the critical chance of other channeled Force abilities like it already does for Telekinetic Throw.
  • Forcequake, Cascading Debris, and Healing Trance (in addition to Telekinetic Throw) all now have their critical chance increased by Force Potency, and each use of these channels will consume one charge of Force Potency