Star Wars Bingo – Can We Get An Online Bingo Variant Based On Star Wars?

There are plenty of Star Wars themed games, in fact, if you have read some of the articles on your site you are more than aware of this. There are Star Wars themed board games, video games, and even some online slots touch on our favourite topic. 

We’re going to have a look at a different option, Star Wars bingo. Are there any Star Wars bingo games at all? Could there be? We are pretty certain that there are at least some fans of Star Wars who also enjoy playing bingo, so a bingo variant based on the most epic franchise is not inconceivable. 

How Bingo Came About

Let us first look at the game of bingo, it’s history and details and then we’ll discover the possible connections between bingo and Star Wars.

It is believed that bingo has been around for at least few centuries, as it first appeared in 16th century Italy. Actually, the game from which bingo originated was a form of lottery, and indeed the two games are quite similar and can even be considered two sides of the same coin.

From Italy the game spread all across Europe and the rest of the world, first to France and then across the English-speaking world. There are two major variants of traditional bingo, one of which is played in the UK, and a second which is most popular in North America, most notably the US. 

British Bingo

The British version is 90-ball bingo and a ticket comes with 15 numbers on it, across a layout featuring three rows and nine columns. Yes, three times nine is 27, but not all squares on the ticket are filled, a dozen remain empty. There are three possible winning combinations in this bingo variant – you can get a Single Line, a Double Line or a Full House which is all three lines. 

There aren’t a lot of variations in 90-ball bingo, but one would suspect that there is a way to customise the symbols and use other symbols instead of numbers. Statistics show that the number of players who play online keeps on growing, whereas the number of land-based bingo halls is in decline.  

American Bingo

The American variant is quite different. It is called 75-ball bingo and the ticket can feature 24 or 25 numbers, on a five by five layout. The reason for the different possible numbers per ticket is that the midmost square can be empty. Now, when it comes to winning combinations there are plenty of options, and that’s why there are many more different variants of 75-ball bingo, at least when compared to 90-ball bingo.

Other Bingo Variants

These two are just the most popular and most played variants of bingo, but there are many other versions, including 80-ball bingo, which is a sort of a crossover between 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, then there’s 52-ball bingo, and the fastest bingo variant – 30-ball bingo, also known as instant bingo. 

In the past bingo players didn’t have a lot of options when it came to bingo variants. UK bingo players would play 90-ball bingo at their local bingo hall, whereas Americans could only play 75-ball bingo. But now with online bingo every player can choose their preferred version regardless of their location. 

Thematic Bingo Games

And it’s not just particular bingo variants that are at your disposal when you’re playing bingo online. There’s also a wide range of branded, themed bingo variants like Deal or No Deal Bingo, Rainbow Riches Bingo and Britain’s Got Talent Bingo. You notice that two of these are instances of very popular TV shows. Britain’s Got Talent is one of the most watched shows throughout the UK and Deal or No Deal is definitely one of the most popular game shows. The bingo variants that we mentioned above are actually based on the online slots of the same name. 

Star Wars Bingo – Is This An Option?

There have been online slots that are based on Star Wars, or at least somehow related to it, so one can and should wonder about Star Wars bingo. There are Star Wars bingo cards that you can simply print off the internet and play with your friends. Instead of numbers, bingo cards feature Star Wars characters and symbols.

Most of the available Star Wars bingo cards are based on the 75-ball bingo variant. So, if bingo developers are to develop a game based on Star Wars, it’ll most likely be a 75-ball variant. This game can feature multiple variations and potential winning combinations.

We are yet to see whether this will be a prophetic text and if we’ll get a Star Wars online bingo game by the end of this year.