Star Wars Characters In Games

Star Wars, and everything in that universe, comprises a massive ecosystem of fantasy, heart, and emotional storylines. It’s been the source of so many memories and imaginative times for over 40 years. It started back in 1977 when a kid with a wild imagination wanted to make a science fiction story. Now, the franchise is worth multiple billions of dollars. Star Wars is so ubiquitous that you’ll find its mark everywhere. You can find it on mugs, T-shirts, spinoffs, and even blankets. Here are some of the places you might not have noticed Star Wars characters. Some may surprise you: 

Casino Games

If you’ve been a fan since the original trilogy, chances are you’re of age to gamble. The Star Wars franchise has always been intertwined with technology and personal entertainment, as well as licensing likeness for other purposes. One such industry is in the casino world. You can see R2D2 and Luke Skywalker on your favorite slot machines, even online. When you play live cStar Wars Characters In Gamesasino at an online casino today, the game and dealer are actually recorded live in a studio, here is a perfect opportunity for a Star Wars cameo role. Don’t be surprised if you’re on a top gambling website like Dreamz and see C3P0. It’ll feel like you’re in that weird bar with all the aliens, gambling away on a faraway planet

The First Video Game

Star Wars has been in the video game world since the beginning. We know about the famous, ones sure. But the first video games that were put out by the Lucas franchise and The Parker Brothers were way back during the Atari days. The first one was “The Empire Strikes Back” for the Atari 2600 home gaming system. It’s laughable when you put it in the perspective of today’s massive games, but for its time it was a game-changer. You played an X-Wing pilot trying to take down a bunch of At-Ats. Well, not a bunch. More like one at a time. The gameplay was extremely simple. But when kids found out about it, they went wild.

The Best Video Game 

The modern game-changer in the Star Wars gaming world was when they came out with the first person racer. That was a relatively new generation to be explored in the home gaming systems, and they came out with the absolute perfect one. Star Wars: Episode 1 RACER is arguably the best thing about the entire “Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” franchise reboot. The movie got eviscerated by critics and introduced the world the banal and goofy Jar Jar Binks (who, according to theories, was actually the true Phantom Menace). But the video game? Stellar reviews, amazing gameplay, and solid progression throughout. This was top tier gaming for the Nintendo N64, one of the best home systems to do it.

Games and Star Wars go hand in hand. They’re part of the same kind of entertainment that one comes to expect from science fiction and tech world. They’re two peas in a pod. Even though the official set of trilogies is finally over, we will definitely see more and more of these beloved and recognizable characters for decades to come. Star Wars truly is, in every sense of the word, entertainment royalty.