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Top Video Games That You Can Bet On

Video game betting is quite a new phenomenon but one that grows at an incredible pace. Due to this, not much information is known about it. While there is still much controversy surrounding it, you already have access to many interesting betting opportunities. Games like the ones mentioned above are wonderful in the video game gambling world, allowing you the opportunity to take advantage of really good odds on websites like

Starcraft II

Starcraft is definitely a pinnacle when it comes to video game gambling. There are numerous Starcraft match tournaments that you can bet on every single month. Everything started in 2010, when Wings of Liberty appeared. Even if there was not much betting going on then, we can say that this is the game that launched the esports betting revolution.


Blizzard’s Overwatch is a highly populargame in video game gambling right now. The league system that was createdincludes 4 stages and a playoff. You can easily bet during every single stage. From now on, it is expected that the game will just keep growing.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is by far the biggest worldwide esport game. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of games that are being paid. When it comes to video game betting, it is a certainty that you can find numerous opportunities with LOL but most of the gambling revolves around the worldwide leagues. Besides the winners of the games, you can also bet on other interesting parts of the game, like what team gets the first kill or the first tower.

Dota 2

While Dota is second in size when compared with League Of Legends, it was the original MOBA game, being cemented in history. At the same time, there are more people that bet on Dota than on LOL. This is in part because of the fact that the entire Dota 2 community is used with in-game currencies for a really long time now.

The tournament system for Dota 2 is more open-circuit based. Numerous smaller tournaments are held so there are more betting opportunities. At the same time, there are the expected international major tournaments all fans watch. The market may be similar to that of LOL but there are just more bets available in Dota 2.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The number one on the list of video games that you can bet on has to be CSGO. This game has been around for almost 20 years and the esports scene was practically built around it. While this game was not a hit when it initially appeared, after it released skins, everyone started playing again. In fact, video game betting had “skins-betting” in CSGO as early opportunities available. Valve did eventually make restrictions to that and those interested in betting on CSGO need to rely on the regular options available, as with all the other esports titles on the list. You can also find tens of games going on every single day since there is an open-circuit format in place. Large events feature special betting options like if a kill happens with a grenade.