7 Ways To Earn Real Money From League of Legends

When looking to earn real money from League of Legends, gaming enthusiasts have several options. Here’s what you need to know. 

How To Earn Real Money From League Of Legends: Top 7 Methods

Countless aspiring gamers look for ways to earn real money from League of Legends. Indeed, this title is among the most legendary video games in existence and one that’s grown into a planetary success. There are even dedicated competitions and tournaments worldwide that invite players from around the globe (find out more about them at esportsbff.com). The prize pools in this professional eSports category are more than lucrative, and many players have built careers around playing professionally.

However, such a well-paid way of life is only available to the top 1 percent of gamers with the talent, skill, and tenacity to endure the pressure. Most other enthusiasts don’t like dealing with the constant traveling, non-stop training, and sacrifices that come with the territory. Consequently, they look for other ways to make a living from their passion. Luckily, modern technology makes it possible to fulfill this goal with different methods. Here’s a more in-depth look at some of them.

Ways You Can Earn Real Money From League Of Legends

When it comes to the different ways you can get a passive income from this legendary game, some examples include:

  • eSports
  • Selling your LoL account
  • Boosting your account
  • Coaching other gamers
  • Uploading content/streaming 
  • Betting on matches
  • Online tournaments.


If you’re entirely unfamiliar with the term, eSports represents a group of gamers competing in virtual electronic games either as a team or solo. Despite still being in its infancy, the eSports industry is worth billions of dollars and provides numerous ways for individuals to earn money.

Some of these ways include playing LoL eSports tournaments and getting eSports sponsorships. For example, the first LCS (League of Legends Championship Series took place in 2013. Since then, the organizer (Riot Games) has hosted the same event annually and given away nearly $50 million in prizes.

Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a sponsorship, you’ll need to at least be a Challenger to make it to an eSports company’s payroll. When looking to earn real money from League of Legends, your goal should be to climb to the top 200 players in your region. Once you accomplish this goal, you should have no problem finding sponsorship either through an eSports franchise or in the form of brand promotion.

Selling Your LoL Account

Once you get to the point where you’ve populated your account, or you’re done with farming for blue essence, you can always sell your account. The amount of profit you’ll be able to generate will depend on where you are in the game. However, keep in mind that LoL gamers and Riot Games do not condone account sales. If you decide to go down this road despite the warning, remember not to get caught.

Boosting Your Account

You can always become a LoL booster if you have gaming skills but don’t like to share. Numerous websites like Proboosting, ElitistGaming, and Ggboost specialize in hiring players to help less-skilled summoners improve their rankings. This activity takes place directly through their accounts and can be perfect if you’re looking to earn real money from League of Legends.

On the other hand, some sites connect you with potential customers if you prefer working on your own to transform your runes into real money. However, Riot discourages gamers from engaging in this prevalent practice. The reason is that much of the community considers it cheating. 

Coaching Other Gamers

This option is perfect for players who enjoy sharing their knowledge by teaching others. Once you reach the point where you’re confident with your champions and spells, you can consider joining sites like GamerSensei or EggOne. Ideally, you’ll either be a Challenger or a Diamond I, but regardless, you’ll be able to connect with less prepared summoners as a coach if you use these sites.

Uploading Content/Streaming

When looking at how to earn real money from League of Legends, streaming and uploading content are by far two of the most widespread methods. Regardless, you’ll need various tools if you’re going to make this method work. One example is cost-free donations, which you can facilitate with Rechaaarge. This site makes it easier for your followers to donate without fees by trying an app through your link. 

However, you can also go with paid donation tools, of which there are many. Some of these tools include Muxy, Streamelements, Streamlabs OBS, Super Chat, Twitch Bits. Consider channel memberships and subscriptions if you’re looking for recurring ways to make money playing this game. Advertising with Twitch and YouTube are similarly lucrative choices, including brand sponsorships. 

Lastly, you can also consider producing your own merchandise or adding affiliate links to your channel. Whichever tool and option you choose, you can customize your approach.

Betting On Matches

Those looking to combine a financially rewarding experience with everyday fun should consider betting platforms. You can engage in this activity solo or with your friends, and the best start will require detailed knowledge of LoL and the gamers. However, unforeseen elements and luck play an equally critical role. 

Therefore, this method to earn real money from League of Legends is the riskiest among those on this list as it represents gambling. We recommend sites like WODuels and Sickodds if you’d like to enjoy the thrill of placing bets on this game. 

Online Tournaments

Participating in online competitions makes it possible to compete for cash prizes for summoners of LoL. Like any other MOBA game, you’ll find numerous competitive tournaments on platforms like Battlefy, Challengermode, and XY Gaming. Since the goal of every contest is to ensure fair competition, each platform assigns players according to their in-game statistics.
Alternatively, LoL LAN parties are the place to go if you’re looking to get a bit more competitive. These parties are an excellent place to earn real money from League of Legends while simultaneously improving your skills. LAN parties usually target players that boast experience across the board. Regardless, whichever method you choose from this list, you’ll have excellent opportunities to earn some side cash without much effort. Good luck!