Is mobile technology really evil

Boomers are always quick to judge the younger generations because of how much time they spend on their phones. And we have no idea whether to agree with them or not. On the one hand, mobile technology saved many lives as you can find anyone fast, and they continue to improve lives every day. And on the other side, people are always hanging out on the internet. And they read all kinds of dumb things and then they think that they’re experts. So, as much as phones and technology saved our lives, they also kind of ruined them too.

Well, let’s start with the positive argument for phones and mobile technology. Mobile phones certainly saved lots of lives. Lazy people now have all sorts of apps to keep them in check. If you’re not a particularly active person, you might install one of those apps that measure your amount of steps in the day. And those apps are utterly amazing. Sometimes, you can also be bad at starting new habits or kicking your old ones. You can be addicted to free sex games as well, you never know. If you think you are, you can either install apps that restrict your porn access, or one of those other apps that keep track of your progress. At least the development that involves respecting and forming new habits. And that’s pretty cool. If you want to change and better yourself, you can also install apps for learning languages, since those are fascinating as well. All in all, applications like those keep saving our lives and making us better every day. And with them, we’re saving more paper than ever, which is a cool thing for the environment. So, in this case, the boomers can suck it and leave us alone. We need our phones.

But what happens when we start using them too much and relying on them? Because you have to keep in mind one thing. Not everyone uses their phone for productive things. Some people only like to watch porn on their phones or to read stupid articles. So, you get many people tripping out about different politicians and disasters. You see, all the time, people like to preach about the rise of dictatorships and violence. And that’s not true, since, if you look at the research, the 21st century is probably the most peaceful one in the universe. And yet, people still live in fear. What’s this got to do with technology, you ask? Well, this was just a quick observation of how it’s so easy to control and install fear and negativity into humans if all they do is hang out on their phones 24/7. So, sometimes, you need to play some porn games and disconnect from all the negativity that the internet on your phone can induce. And there’s no shame in that. We’re all susceptible to being manipulated. It’s just that, when you’re relying on your phone way too much, you start to trust it. You’ll begin to trust it so much that filtering false information from a real one is tricky. So yeah, whether mobile technology is dangerous or not? Well, we presented both arguments, so it’s on you to think about that.