star wars Canto Bight - the Casino Planet

Gambling Galactic: Star Wars 8 Director on Canto Bight, the Casino Planet

All Star Wars fans out there are eagerly awaiting the latest installment in the legendary franchise, The Last Jedi. Even those who might not consider themselves fans (Trekkies, you know yourselves) will have felt the expectant excitement pervading the movie scene online and in the real world. One of the most intriguing teasers from the studios is the confirmation by director Rian Johnson that the new planet to be featured in the Star Wars universe will be known as Canto Bight.

Rolling the Dice

After months of speculation and tentative suspicions after the name began floating about while the film was shooting on location in Croatia, fans are excited at the prospect of Canto Bight, which promises to be an interesting stage for the on-screen action, even by the astronomically high Star Wars standards. Fans noted that the name sounded suspiciously close to “casino bright”, and the director was gracious enough to acknowledge that the connection is an astute one, as the planet will be a literal casino planet, and it promises to provide the backdrop to some of the movie’s lighter screen moments.

Those familiar with the franchise will draw parallels between Canto Bright and the cantina that Luke Skywalker paid a visit to in the original Star Wars (A New Hope). The addition of a never-before-seen planet on the Star Wars stage is a tradition in the franchise, and a much-hallowed one at that. As a matter of fact, you would have a tough time naming all the planets we’ve seen the Star Wars cast visit throughout the franchise’s history.

Galactic Playhouse

Canto Bight, as described by the director, will basically be a playground for the galaxy’s obscenely wealthy inhabitants who don’t have any qualms about flaunting their wealth – whether legitimately earned or not. It will have a healthy dose of intrigue running through its atmosphere, with a lot going on in the shadows and a lot more to keep you occupied out in the open, as some claim is the case in some Canadian online casinos. It will be a complete departure from what we’ve become used to seeing in the planets that populate the Star Wars galaxy. Instead of the usual sparse, deserted, and stark landscapes, Canto Bight promises to be a lush, indulgent, and absurdly luxurious setting. Ultra-glamorous would be the default setting here.

The inhabitants of the planet, or perhaps those who frequent the planet, will be an eclectic mix of wildly varying types of beings. As vivid and surprising a mix of characters as only Star Wars can manage to pull off. While we don’t yet have any idea just how great a role the colorful inhabitants of the planet will play in developing the movie’s story, we think it’s a pretty safe bet that we will be getting an eyeful of them, whatever their bearing on the story.

Delivering the Laughs

As the director goes on to say, he wanted this installment in the franchise to keep up Star Wars’ longstanding tradition of humor. Earlier Star Wars movies were always infused with a running thread of lightness, which is widely considered to be one of the greatest contributors to the charm and longevity of the franchise. It seems that few people can resist jokes being played out on a galactic scale. A few of the movies that have come out of late have fallen somewhat short of the high bar set by the early releases in this respect, but Johnson has made it his mission to bring all the big laughs back here. You can probably look forward to some great one-liners from Han Solo – his signature wittiness and quick thinking has carried off many a scene throughout the years.

Fans of Benicio Del Toro will be looking forward to seeing him play a role that may be, perhaps, a startling departure from his usual casting. Rumor has it that he may take on the role of Canto Bight’s official in-planet DJ, with the rumors fueled by the fact that his character’s name here is simply DJ. Whether you’ve been a Star Wars fan since the early years or are simply looking for a movie to deliver a healthy dose of action, laughs, and delightfully robust levels of all-round family fun, this a movie that should definitely go on your must-watch list.