Rumor: All Six Star Wars Films May Be Released on 3D Blu-Ray


When it comes to the new Star Wars films, you know how we like to share rumors and any other tidbits of information we can come across. Well, a reader from Jedi News found an interesting piece of possible Star Wars film info, which she shared with them and they shared on their site.

Jedi News reader LadyFerry explains:

Hello! it’s me LadyFerry! Just a quick message to say that I was looking online for blu-ray pre-orders and found this, it’s a pre-order notification for the six 3D Star Wars movies coming out on blu-ray. Just thought it would be an interesting titbit for the front page at Jedi News:
See it here: Amazon

Ok, that’s pretty interesting indeed. Amazon now has listings for all six current Star Wars films for 3D Blu-Ray!  (They also have listings for Episodes VII-IX on regular blu-ray).  No release date is given. This could be an interesting move for Disney and Lucasfilm and a great way to re-ignite interest in the movies before the new episodes come out.

Remember that while we see it ourselves on Amazon, it’s still a rumor until confirmed by Disney and we have seen mistakes make it to Amazon pages before. So we’ll keep an eye out on this one and let you know when we  learn more.

What do you think? Great idea or just another money-grab?

Thanks JediNews and LadyFerry for passing on this fun little piece of info!

Lisa Clark

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