Disney should bring back Star Wars casino games

In recent years, we have seen a bit of a revival of Star Wars and for fans like us, it’s truly magical. We now have new Star Wars movies, new Star Wars games, and even new Star Wars characters to enjoy.  Here on our site, we’ve tried our best to bring you all the latest and greatest Star Wars news and goodies, especially when it comes to Star Wars games.

For fans old enough to remember the original release of Star Wars, and for younger generations who are just getting into its revival, it is a magical thing. What other brands can unite so many different age brackets like that?

Star Wars has been bringing people together in fandom for decades now and we’re very happy to see that is still ongoing. That’s why we do what we do here to help support it and the many projects – official ones and fan led ones – to keep the spirit of Star Wars alive and well.

We’re no strangers to online gaming and that’s why you will also find us writing about online casino games. It’s really not a big stretch from one topic to the other since Star Wars has gambling in it – at least the original canon did. Maybe Disney wants to family-friendly it up but some of us have been around long enough to know that the Star Wars Universe could be a little rough around the edges sometimes, and that was what made it appealing.

Sometimes it was real, and it was raw. If you went into a cantina, you might see dancing girls and drinking, and there might be gambling. The Millennium Falcon was won in a game of sabacc. People bet on pod races. It was a thing – even if Disney wants to downplay it.

Now that Disney has the rights to the Star Wars name, they discontinued both Star Wars and Marvel slot machines because they didn’t think it fit with their idea of family friendly gaming. So, you’re probably not going to see any gambling, Sabaac or casinos in any upcoming Star Wars games. It’s a real bummer to adult fans who liked the games, or just wanted some edginess to their Star Wars. But all is not lost. If you’re a fan of betting and casino games, you may want to try your hand at some online casinos after playing your favorite Star Wars games.

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