Star Wars Video Games Monthly News Roundup - February 2019

Star Wars Video Games: Monthly News Roundup – February 2019

Welcome to the Monthly News Roundup series! This post, usually posted at the end of every month or the start of a month, aims to sum up the latest updates and changes to the relevant Star Wars games.

February 2019:

Star Wars Battlefront II (Shooter):

  • February saw the arrival of Anakin Skywalker into the game as a playable light-side Hero voiced by Matt Lanter, as well as a rework of Clone Customization. Anakin comes with 4 abilities instead of the usual 3, with the fourth functioning as an ‘ultimate’. Anakin also has two appearances; his default Jedi Knight appearance which is based off of his look in Episode 3 when fighting the Count, and his Robed Appearance.

The clone customization rework introduces new legions, the ability to choose between Phase I and Phase II clones, and changes the look of the four default clone infantry classes. The February update also introduced an Emote Wheel, allowing players to equip up to eight emotes at a time.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO):

  • SWTOR released Game Update 5.10.1, The Wretched Hive. This update introduces a new Lair Boss (The Mutated Geonosian Queen), new Masterwork Weapons, and new changes to the Rewards in PvP.

Galaxy of Heroes (Mobile Collecting Game):

  • Instead of making February the month of the Sith as it was in 2018 and 2017, Capital Games set this months theme around the Separatist Droids. Character reworks for General Grievous, the B2 Super Battle Droid and the IG-100 Magnaguards were released, along with two new characters: the B1 Battle Droid and the Droideka. All of these characters are classed as Dark Side. The Content Update for the Grievous and Magnaguard Reworks and the new Droideka can be read Here.
  • The light-side characters Juhani and Carth Onasi are now farmable, with Juhani being placed on the Light Side 6-A Hard Node (Replacing Luminara Unduli), and Carth on the 2-E Hard Node of Fleet Battles

Force Arena (Mobile MOBA Game):