Quest for the Best: 3 Must-Have Supplies for a Great Home Gaming Experience

When the term “gamer” is heard, many people picture an isolated teen with bad skin and a scowl, or the forty-something guy with greasy hair living in his mom’s basement. But the truth is, more than 2.5 billion people on the planet self identify as gamers, according to Newzoo’s 2019 Global Games Market Report. And 46 percent of those individuals are not pimply 16-year-old boys or 30-year-old subterranean creepers — they’re adult women. 

As these stats suggests, gaming is a diverse community and a massively popular industry. In the year of ‘Rona, when much of the population still lingers at home, online players of all walks of life are in pursuit of an illustrious home gaming experience fit for a king. If this quest is one you choose to accept, here is the definitive list of needs required to create a better, faster, more enjoyable gaming experience in your own castle. 

First off, let’s briefly talk about what this list will not talk about: platforms/consoles. We could assert that PlayStation rocks the pants off Xbox, or that PC video gaming quality destroys console video play quality, but waiting for the release of Duke Nukem Forever was less of a waste of time than those circular arguments. The truth is that platform/console is a matter of choice. End of story. Moving on…

1. Headset

Regardless of whether you opt for PC or console, or Sony or Sega, the crowning jewel of your stellar home gaming set up is going to be your gaming headset. A good headset has two jobs: provide quality sound and fit comfortably for long hours of marathon play. 

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a top tier product for any level gamer who is willing to shell out some serious bucks (and not V Bucks, either, but the dead presidents variety). However, you really do get what you pay for. The Arctis is wireless and connects easily to PC or a gaming console. The elastic headband and ear cups are super snug to prevent accidentally launching them across your living room when things get intense. The bidirectional mic is one of the best on the market and guarantees your victory cries will ring crystal clear in the ears of your decimated adversaries. And the 2.4 GHz wireless audio is made specifically for low latency gaming. It’s a true crown for gaming royalty. Also remember a good Keyboard that can controll your headset. A good clix keyboard is always recommended.

2. Gaming Chair

You can’t have a kingdom without a throne, but with thousands of models on the market, searching for the right gaming chair can be more overwhelming than hitting level 600 of Fortnite in one season if you don’t know what to look for. An ideal gaming chair will equally focus on “gaming” and “chair” functions, so if you find something along the lines of a souped up office chair, you’re in the right arena.

The right chair needs to be ergonomically constructed, since gamers can spend anywhere from 45 minutes to 7 hours a day in their seats during play. Professional gamers often exceed 12 hours a day of work/play. Luckily, the office chair models with remote control vibrating massage features like the E-Sport Racing Chair claim that the light vibration reduces fatigue caused by these long hours of work. Your chair should also have wheels — those plush, stationary chairs look super cushy but you want to be able to roll around the room while evading an enemy mercenary on the screen or rock back and forth in outrage when unfairly iced by an adversary. 

3. Internet Service

If the gaming chair is a throne, then the internet service provider is the king’s royal army, and there’s no greater foe the king’s knights face than the horrible forces of Lag. His highness’s troops must be armed with plenty of speed. 

Though the game being played and console being used help determine the speeds needed for optimal online video game play, most online gaming sessions require an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps and at least a 3 Mbps download speed, so when choosing a broadband package, do your math and find a provider that can meet your needs. For example, Cox is rated one of the best internet providers for gaming in 2020. The company not only offers reliable service and incredible speeds, but also boasts services and tips for faster gaming that help gamers do things like test ping, adjust PC settings, and optimize their home network for a better, faster at-home gaming experience. 

Game On

Though modern gamers have grown ever more diverse, the keys to quality gaming remain basically the same. To create a royal gaming experience at home, the regal gamer needs only a few key components. If you can acquire an imperial internet provider, a gaming chair to serve as your throne, and a stately headset to don as your crown, you are well on your way to establishing your own gaming kingdom.