Why do students play online games

There are plenty of reasons why students play online games, but the main ones are because students need some time to relax and to get their minds off the stress of studying too hard. If you’re a student and you want the right game while you study, you already have too many options available online. You know the games, but do you know the scientific reasons why students play them? 

Whether you want a mobile game to play wherever you are, or you’re looking at the list of online games for students today, this list we have prepared for you will be the comprehensive guide that will help you to know the main psychological and physical reasons why students play online games. Let’s start!


If you’ve been reading essays from professional academic writing services, then you most likely have known about psychology and why people play virtual games. There was a scientist named Nick Yee, who made one of the first steps today in designing a framework that explains why students play games, and one big reason the study found out involves the achievement component.

The achievement component shows that students get satisfaction every time they level up in their online games. This gives students the thrill and amusement of hitting a goal. This may also be the same reason why students offer their writing skills to write essay for me platforms and start working when studying. 

The sense of achieving something and being rewarded for it is what keeps students going all the time, whether it’s actual money for helping students write essays or they are medals in online games.


There’s also another study that focuses on the Self Determination Theory of Richard Ryan and Edward Deci that helps explain the love of students for online games. In this theory, it explains that human behavior is often driven by the want and need to achieve a greater level of success and to keep on developing. When characters in students’ online games level up, the students feel as if they’re also levelling up,  growing in a direction that they want to be. Students enjoy activities like online games because these essential human needs are being met and at a very affordable cost. These mobile games practically don’t cost anything, and students don’t have that much money, so it’s a perfect match.


If there’s a need for speed,  students need the flow too. Online games open up the minds of students of being free to explore unknown territories and portals inside their smartphones. They can feel both competent and autonomous in these games’ flow. Plus, the focused mental state they achieve when playing games is second to none. If Buddhists have a zen state, these gamers achieve that same relaxation through playing a game or two.


A study on gamer psychology also shows that an attractive feature of online games is that it allows gamers to be completely free. They have no restrictions whatsoever when they are inside their online games, and the artistry they can experience will be so beyond the realm of reality, that they can’t stop playing them.

In addition, the Love of Freedom fulfills a student’s need to be challenged and to forget the worries of school. The best way for students to fulfill this need for freedom is when they play online games that are challenging enough, but not too complicated that makes them no longer fun to play.