Best New Online Games for summer 2019

Best New Online Games for summer 2019

2018 introduced some of the best online games of this decade. But seven months into 2019 and gamers are still waiting for the video game of the year. To be fair, Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy XIV impressed millions with their immersive gameplay, improved controls, and overall creativity.

And if you’re more versatile and love learning about casino games, you have a more extensive list of new games. Below we’ve compiled the best games to play this summer for different platforms.

Video Games—Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 will probably win this year’s game of the year award unless another great game is released. Yes, this remake of the wildly famous 90s online game under the same name is stunning despite being a game about killing zombies.

From graphics to controls, ammunition to gameplay, everything about the new Resident Evil 2 is incredible. With a 91% rating on Metacritic and 89% on PC Gamer, there’s no doubt that gamers and critics are relishing the remake.

Unlike some remakes, Resident Evil 2 draws its inspiration from the original game. You can play as Claire Redfield or Leon S. You also have a decent range of bosses and locations based on the original. On the other hand, the game is full of twists and fresh angles no one saw coming.

Casino Games—Tiki Vikings

One of the best specs of casino games is that they can be based on anything. Tiki Vikings by Microgaming imagines a world where Vikings lived the artful, voyaging lifestyle of ancient Hawaiians. So, picture Bjorn Ironside dancing to Hula or Ragna Lodbrok preaching about forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Of course, the slot machine isn’t detailed, and as such you only get a chance to see a few Vikings dressed as Hawaiians and several other symbols. But in its simplistic nature, Tiki Vikings offers a new outlook to slot machines.

It consists of five reels and 20 paylines, and you can bet with as little as €0.10. You can adjust coin sizes or bet as much as £250 per spin. On your lucky day, the Vikings honor you with up to 300 coins.

Being a Microgaming slot machine, Tiki Vikings is available in most casinos. That also means you have a chance to play the game using free bonuses. Zamsino makes things easier by comparing the best online Microgaming casinos with no deposit bonuses. 

If you’re Canadian, is here for you. The website scouts the Internet for online casinos friendly to Canadians. Of course, most of these casinos offer bonuses to newcomers and support Microgaming, meaning you’ll find Tiki Vikings among other games.

Mobile Games—PUBG 

PUBG updates its mobile game every year, meaning it will look fresher this summer than it was last year. If you’ve never tried the popular MMO game on your smartphone, get it on either Android or Apple store.

While it’s free from flaws, the battle royale game is incredibly well-developed. The graphics are realistic, the gameplay is engaging, and controls are decent. It’s free and runs smoothly on a standard modern smartphone.

If your smartphone is slightly old, PUBG lets you scale down its settings so that gameplay remains smooth. On the contrary, set your configurations to maximum and you’ll cherish the breathtaking graphics and immersive gameplay of PUBG.

 Like the console and PC versions, mobile PUBG drops everyone into a battle zone. You then compete for weapons, vehicles and tactical gear. If you’re not careful, you get eliminated. The last one standing wins the tournament

VR Games—Tetris Effect 2019

Tetris Effect will celebrate its first summer this year, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise it’s the best VR game in 2019. At its core, the game is a simple Match 3 game. For comparison, the Tetris Effect is similar to Candy Crush Saga.

But as opposed to matching candy and making them disappear, you form blocks of tile. The tiles initially drop slowly but increase in speed as time goes on. This happens in the classic mode, but you can also configure your game to play adventurous, focus, and relaxed modes. 

 Last year’s remake of the game made news worldwide for incorporating VR. For the uninitiated, VR is a big deal around the world. First, it turns a simple Match 3 game like Tetris Effect into an immersive gaming effect happening in any part of the world.

 Imagine forming blocks of tile with New York as your background. And not a 2D picture of the majestic city’s streets. The game plays out with background images of realistic depictions of New York or any other place. If you were seated on your couch, Tetris Effects immerses you into a different world. 

The best thing about Tetris Effect is that it’s not a bare-bone VR game. It doesn’t try to push something it’s not. The game is incredibly built, from gameplay to soundtracks, VR and specs. 

AR Games—Ingress

Ingress is fairly old. But after releasing a prime version of the game late last year, it’s probably worth your time. First, the game is built by the same company that developed Pokémon GO, so you can be sure its AR features are pretty impressive.

The game’s latest update gives it a stunning design, with visuals and controls being the focus of the patch. Its storyline is something you’ve probably witnessed in real life. Two groups fight to control the world. One side fights to protect humanity while the opponent fights to keep controlling people’s minds.

Although the story sounds complicated, it’s easy to learn through practice. It’s best played with friends so that you can attack the same opponent and complete missions together.

To Conclude

If you’re looking for a new game to play in 2019, you’ll have to dig deep. Most games this summer are remakes of popular games. Some are updates to games you’ve always known while others are entirely new.

The games outlined above are a mix of familiar games with new titles. Sample several of them, including those you’ve heard of before. Their latest updates have new storylines, fresh angles, and added characters to make them more attractive.