Old School vs. Latest Gaming Technology

If you were born in the 1970’s you must remember family time hunched over a huge console playing TV games until the birds came out. TV games made its appearance in 1972 but only wowed gamers in 1975 with the release of Atari’s Pong game.

Electronic entertainment has seen a widespread mass effect. People of all ages and creeds buy into the mass market of gaming purely for the kind of entertainment it affords players with. It’s a whooping serving of Miracle Whip on a burger, steadily focused on a pure outcome, which is pure enjoyment.

This breakthrough in technology kicked off a trend that very few could have anticipated, and even today, retro tech is hot news. Let’s look at how electronic entertainment has evolved over the decades.

Military Invention

In the 1960’s the US government wanted a device that would enhance the reflexes of military personnel and developed what was known as the television gaming apparatus, which was merely a chase game, and a tennis game that could be connected to a television.

It took several years of development before the next generation of gaming made its debut. Even though the military advanced gaming as a highly specialised device for soldiers training, the discipline holds much relevance in today’s computer generated realm, which allows for endless possibility.

Games Entering The Market Way Before when

In 1972 Atari’s PONG and upgraded home edition of PONG revolutionized the future of gaming. In December 1976 PONG was the best selling item under the Christmas tree.

In 1979 Atari 2600, was based on an 8-bit Motorola 6507 microprocessor, with 256 bytes of RAM. On the market through 1990’s, the Atari VCS sold 25 million units. A further 120 million cartridges with games such as Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pac-Man was sold during the run of Atari.

It was the inception of video games and Visa slots as we know it, and 8 bit pixel graphics would never have introduced a knock on effect like Atari did in the 70’s.

New Age Gaming

In December 1994 the first PlayStation 1 was released and sold a whopping 102 million consoles. Although the console was technically advanced back in the day it boasted a whopping 1 Megabyte of video RAM.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are the new standard in gaming consoles.  Standard versions feature 1 Gigabyte of RAM and at least 500 megabytes of media. A vast improvement for the user experience, which get thrills revving coupled with high graphics entertainment.

The Hidden Element Of Gaming

What started as a military concept to improve motor skills of military personnel; is now a multimillion-dollar electronic entertainment device for the masses. Let us not exclude PC games, online games and Nintendo Wii, which offers a huge variety of entertainment including simulators, tactical games, sports enhancement games, educational games and more.

The gaming industry offers players a chance to extend their personal persona and bring about change in a world, which we all so desperately feel could do with a futuristic enhancement.