Escapist Magazine Zero Punctuation Reviews SWTOR

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Star Wars: The Old Republic. Escapist Magazine did not have nice things to say about SWTOR. It’s a 5-minute, fast-paced rant about how much SWTOR sucks (in short) but self-admittedly is nothing more than a “preview” as he doesn’t spend enough time actually playing the game to give it a real review.
Ben “YAHTZEE” Croshaw is notorious for not liking MMOs. In fact, his criticism was somewhat mild considering his distaste for the genre. It’s amusing, I’ll give him that, but I really don’t think he gave SWTOR enough of a chance. Since he doesn’t like MMOs, it feels like he just went into the game wanting to hate it and where do you get with an attitude like that, really?
You get just what you ask for.
Yahtzee chose a Smuggler as his class but doesn’t seem too impressed with it. My Smuggler is only 10 but hubby has a level 38 Smuggler and I’ve watched him play. He doesn’t seem to agree with Yahtzee’s observations of the Smuggler storyline either. If you play Smuggler, what do you think?
Yahtzee’s words aren’t all bad. He does seem to like the single player story elements to SWTOR- great for people who don’t much care for traditional MMOs so again we come back to that main positive element BioWare has going for them- the story.
He doesn’t seem to understand the group conversation process in TOR, which is understandable as it’s a new concept, unique to BioWare.
I totally agree with him on the space battles (come on BioWare, what were you thinking?) and I love that he used the word gobbledegook because that’s one of my personal favorite words. But all in all, I think Yahtzee’s “review” was a bit harsh and biased. 
See his video for yourself below:

Lisa Clark

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