Star Wars: The Old Republic Announces "Best View" Contest

Star Wars: The Old Republic Announces “Best View” Contest

Star Wars: The Old Republic™ is back with its third “Best View” contest, inviting players to showcase the beauty of the game’s universe. The contest aims to capture the essence of ten select planets through player-submitted screenshots, with the winning images being transformed into in-game Stronghold decorations.

Contest Details:

Submission Guidelines:

  • Screenshots should capture scenic vistas, vibrant forests, peaceful streams, or any other picturesque location within the eligible planets.
  • Players can submit multiple screenshots for different planets but should limit one image per planet per email.
  • The image should not contain any Player Characters, though NPCs are allowed.
  • The in-game UI, including nameplates, should be turned off.
  • Screenshots of cinematics are not eligible.
  • No external editing or filters should be applied to the screenshots.
  • The image should be of high resolution (1920×1080 or higher) and in JPG format.

How to Enter: Interested players can submit their screenshots via email. The email should include:

  • A clear subject line stating the contest name and the specific planet of the screenshot (e.g., “The Best View In SWTOR Contest – Balmorra Submission”).
  • Account Name, Character Name, and the Server the character resides on.

Rules and Regulations:

  • The contest is open to everyone, regardless of account status.
  • Accounts must have been created by August 15th, 2023.
  • Accounts should be in good standing, with no in-game suspensions since September 1st, 2022, or forum suspensions since June 1st, 2023.
  • Character names should adhere to the game’s Terms of Service rules.

Results Announcement: The SWTOR team will announce the winners in an article before the 2023 Anniversary event. Winners will receive a gilded version of their submitted screenshot, while the standard versions will be available to all players during the Anniversary event in December.

The contest is a fantastic opportunity for players to showcase their creativity and appreciation for the game’s stunning visuals. So, gear up, explore the galaxy, and capture the best views in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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