Interesting screenshot: Modular Equipment

Fans not lucky enough to get into a beta or player trial of SWTOR are hanging onto every little piece of news they can get to tell them something more about the game before release. Screen shot leaks from beta are one way that some of us are getting a sneak peek into the game and what it might hold. While it’s important to remember that anything released early, especially from a beta, is subject to change. In fact, it probably will change- several times- before making it to the final version of the game.
However, sometimes there is a screenshot that really gets you excited or makes you think. We found one today that shows modular equipment and really brings the concept to life.
This screenie posted on Reddit shows what we have heard referred to a few times before. Remember when it was said that you could start with a lightsaber and literally level up with it as you go? Most of us speculated that there would be some sort of gemming system to allow that to happen but now we can see it for ourselves.
The modular equipment system allows upgrades, apparently from using a workshop or workbench, to upgrade the equipment and improve its stats. With the way it seems to work, it would allow you to keep the same piece of equipment, such as a lightsaber, with you throughout many levels and change and upgrade the modules as you go.
Some questions that are still unanswered, however, are how you get the gems and upgrades and how difficult they will be to get. Are they found? Are they made? Will there be rare ones that are more difficult than common upgrades to acquire?
There are obviously still a lot of questions but it looks pretty cool to me so far.
What do you think about it? Good system or no?