Final Blood Of The Empire Webcomic Online

The final webisode of The Old Republic webcomic Blood of the Empire is now online at Issue 12 (aka Act 3: Burn the Future Chapter 4) brings us the final 7 pages of the exciting story, written by Alexander Freed, with art by Dave Ross.

Blood of the Empire reaches its twelfth and final issue, and Teneb Kel must face the aftermath of his actions. Exal Kressh is defeated, but the Emperor and the Dark Council will have further plans for their servant. What fate is Teneb prepared to carve for himself? And what will he do about Maggot?

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This webcomic will be part of Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: The Old Republic # 6, to be published on December 1, 2010.

Teneb Kel is only steps behind his prey, the emperor’s apprentice, when light is finally shed on her dark plans. The foundling Sith Lord must find and face her one last time to uncover the secret behind her betrayal . .

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